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HD-SDI, SD-SDI and 3G-SDI to HDMI Adapter Auto detection of resolution
SMTP 2D and 3D Compliant
This SDI to HDMI Adapter converts SDI or HD-SDI to HDMI video (only) for driving HDMI monitors. The SDI to HDMI Adapter Auto-detects the sources resolution. The SDI to HDMI Adapter converts SDI (serial digital interface) or HD-SDI to HDMI for standard HDMI televisions or monitors. The SDI to HDMI Adapter converts a full 1080p signal to your choice of SD or SDI. HDTV Supply's video pass through technology sharpens your images, providing a clearer picture without the distortion you'd see in other converters. This SDI to HDMI Adapter converts SDI to HDMI in real time. The conversion between SDI and HDMI is pure digital and guarantees lossless transformation for the video.

SDI to HDMI Adapter Features:

  • Auto detect resolution of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and 3G-SDI
  • SMTP 2D and 3D Compliant
  • Supports SDI (SMTP 259M), HD-SDI (SMTP 292M) and 3G-SDI (SMTP 424M)
  • Receive Distance: SD-SDI: 460, HD-SDI: 230 meters
  • Supported Video Resolutions:&
    • SD 525i 625i
    • HD 720P@24,HZ, 720P@25HZ, 720P@30HZ, 720P@50HZ and 720P@60HZ
    • HD 1080i@50HZ, 1080i@60HZ, 
    • HD 1080P@24HZ, 1080P@25HZ, 1080P@30HZ, 1080P@50HZ and 1080P@60HZ
  • BNC Input and HDMI Output
  • Date rate: 270Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s, 2.97Gb/s
  • Impedance:
  • Power Supply: DC 5V / 1 Amp / 400mAh working current
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 59mm x 23mm
  • Video only, no audio
  • Plug and play.
HDTV Supply's LOW POWER CONVERTER: A state of the art power management solution with a minimum power consumption of 2 Watts and a maximum power consumption of only 5 Watts to help save you money when its time to pay the bills

HDTV Supply's PROFESSIONAL BROADCAST CONVERTER: The HDTV Supply SDI to HDMI converter is developed and manufactured under the broadcast technical grate circuit standard. Power consumption has been proven to be much lower than similar devices at 25%, and with a very high stability rating, HDTV Supply insures that their product will work around the clock.

ALLOWS SDI CAMERA CONNECTIVITY: Connect your camera to your SDI to HDMI Adapter / converter and use it to show off your recording to your family. Excellent picture quality, and the price of the machine makes this a nifty added feature. This SDI to HDMI Adapter ensures excellent conversion from your SDI equipment to an HDMI display. This SDI to HDMI Adapter make the picture clear no matter what speed the images are moving. Direct connection of SDI equipment, like an SDI camera to an SDI display is possible but costly. Even though this connection is simple, the cost of SDI display is high. In comparison our SDI to HDMI Adapter is far less inexpensive since an HDMI display is used instead of an SDI display.

The magnitude of operation by these converters is high reaching up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are also effective when it comes to conserving energy since they have low power consumption. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to reduce your energy bill this SDI to HDMI Adapter will help you out.

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An SDI to HDMI adapter from is a cost effective way to use your SDI equipment. HDTV Supply converters give you value for your money. There is not much that can be said about them since their performance speak for themselves. With this aspect, they have been associated with big companies like Sony, who have tested and experienced the limitless boundaries that come with their use.

SDI to HDMI Adapter Specs:

  • Power: DC 5V /1A. working currency is less than 400milliampere;
  • Dimension: 105*59*23mm
  • Working temperature: 0c ~50c
  • Weight: 75g

SDI to HDMI Adapter Contents:

  • 1 - SDI to HDMI Adapter
  • 1 - AC adapter
  • 1 - Users Manual
Here is a distance and cable type guide that can be used with this converter: Recommended Transmission Distances.

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This SDI to HDMI Adapter is not limited to HD-SDI surveillance camera applications, however a typical use for it is to converter an HD-SDI CCTV camera to an HDMI signal so that the camera can display video on an HDMI equipped widescreen.

SDI to HDMI Adapter Compatibility:

  • Converts serial digital interface video for output to an HDMI display.
  • Supports 3G-SDI (3 Gbps), HD-SDI, and SD-SDI input on coax BNC.
  • For adding an HDMI screen to a high-end broadcasting or AV application.
  • Does not support audio.

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Q: What frequency is the digital audio on your SDI to HDMI Adapter?
This SDI to HDMI Adapter supports video only with no audio.

Q: What do the numbers mean on the SDI to HDMI Adapter picture?
See below:

  1. DC 5V Power
  2. SDI Input
  3. HDMI Output
  4. SDI LED
  5. Power LED

Why not buy this SDI to HDMI Adapter today?