NTI UNIMUX-USBV-2R 2-Port VGA USB KVM Switch, Rackmount

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High quality construction
Compatible with USB-enabled PCs
Crisp and clear 2048x1536 video resolution
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NTI UNIMUX-USBV-2R 2-Port VGA USB KVM Switch, Rackmount

NTI UNIMUX-USBV-2R 2-Port VGA USB KVM Switch, Rackmount
allows a user to control up to 32 USB computers with one USB keyboard, USB mouse and VGA monitor. Dedicated internal microprocessors emulate keyboard & mouse presence to each attached CPU 100% of the time so all computers boot error-free.

NTI UNIMUX-USBV-2R 2-Port VGA USB KVM Switch, Rackmount Features:

  • High quality construction.
  • Features NTI's patented true autoboot USB switching – all attached USB PCs, MACs and SUNs can be booted simultaneously.
  • Compatible with USB-enabled PCs.
  • Compatible with SUN T1000, SUN 1000, SUN V210, SUN Fire™ V240, SUN Fire V20z, and other USB-enabled SUN computers.
  • Compatible with MAC G4/G5 and Xserve. Supports MAC soft (keyboard) power-on.
  • Crisp and clear 2048x1536 video resolution.
  • Fully compliant with USB standards (1.0, 1.1).
  • USB MAC and SUN start-up keys are supported.
  • SUN extra keys are emulated on USB keyboards with Windows keyboard layouts.
  • Available with audio or RS232 control options.
  • Supports international keyboard layouts in auto-detection mode.

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NTI UNIMUX-USBV-2R 2-Port VGA USB KVM Switch, Rackmount

  • Hosts
    • Two female 15-pin HD and two female USB Type B connectors.
    • Supports USB-enabled PC, SUN and MAC computers with VGA video.
    • Multiplatform support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, and MAC OS 9/10.
    • Any legacy PS/2 or SUN computer can be connected by using a USB-PS2-R or USB-SUN-R adapter.
  • Monitor
    • Crisp and clear resolution up to 2048x1536.
    • Female 15 pin HD connectors.
    • A multiscan VGA monitor is required to display the different video outputs from different platforms.
    • Bandwidth is 150 MHz.
  • MTBF
    • 73,280 hrs.
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Warranty
    • Two years
  • Power
    • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC adapter.
    • Power consumption: 5 W
    • Use the PWR-48V-5V1A DC-DC power converter to install the UNIMUX-USBV-2 in a Telecom environment.
  • Devices
    • Female USB Type A connectors.
    • Compatible with most USB keyboards and mice, including wireless.
    • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
    • Supports two USB devices directly connected.
    • Supports up to eight USB devices using USB hubs (not included).
  • Environmental
    • Operating temperature: 32 to 100˚F (0 to 38˚C)
    • Storage temperature: -20 to 140˚F (-30 to 60˚C)
    • Operating and Storage Relative Humidity: 17 to 90% non-condensing RH.