NTI UNIMUX-4X16-UHD 4x16 High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch

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The High Density Switch saves rack space
Compatible with USB computers (PC, SUN, MAC)
High quality steel construction
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NTI UNIMUX-4X16-UHD 4x16 High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch

NTI UNIMUX-4X16-UHD 4x16 High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch allows up to four users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 USB computers. Access USB computers (PC, SUN, and MAC) using USB keyboards and mice, and VGA multiscan monitors.

NTI UNIMUX-4X16-UHD 4x16 High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch Features:

  • The High Density Switch saves rack space.
    • The 4x8 switches are 1RU in height.
    • The 4x16 and 4x32 switches are 2RU in height.
  • Features NTI's patented true autoboot USB switching - all attached computers can be booted simultaneously.
  • Compatible with USB computers (PC, SUN, MAC).
  • Cascade UNIMUX switches off a single master switch to control up to 256 computers as if from one switch.
  • High quality steel construction.
  • Crisp and clear 1920x1200 video resolution.
  • Equipped with OSD, Liquid Crystal Display, RS232, and Ethernet.
  • Dedicated microprocessors prevent computers from locking up, ensuring reliable control.
  • Cabling runs are simplified with NTI's high density KVM switch cables.
  • Flash upgradeable
  • Optional support for a USB 2.0 (low/full speed) devices, in addition to keyboards and mice, such as USB touch screen monitors, interactive whiteboards, or CAC card readers.
    • Additional USB device must be the same for each user.

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NTI UNIMUX-4X16-UHD 4x16 High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch

  • Hosts
    • Female 15-pin HD connectors.
    • Supports USB computers with VGA video.
    • Multiplatform support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, and MAC OS 9/10.
    • Any legacy PS/2 or SUN computer can be connected by using a USB-PS2-R or USB-SUN-R adapter.
  • Monitor
    • Crisp and clear 1920x1200 resolution.
    • Female 15-pin HD connectors.
    • A multiscan VGA monitor is required to display the different video outputs from different platforms.
    • Bandwidth is 150 MHz.
  • Power
    • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via IEC connector.
    Power Consumption
    Model Watts Model Watts
    4x8 20 4x16 25
    4x32 40    
  • Cables
    • Interface cables between your computers and the switch are required for proper operation. (Cables not included)
      • Use HDUSBVEXT-xx-MM to connect computers to the switch.
        • Use USB male A to female A cables with HDUSBVEXT-xx-MM to extend USB beyond 15 feet.
    NTI Part # Hours NTI Part # Hours
    UNIMUX-4X8-UHD 84,010 UNIMUX-4X8-UHDU 79,049
    UNIMUX-4X16-UHD 69,898 UNIMUX-4X16-UHDU 62,110
    UNIMUX-4X32-UHD 59,913    
  • Devices
    • Female USB Type A connectors.
    • Compatible with most USB keyboards and mice, including Microsoft USB Intellimouse®, Logitech Cordless Elite Duo keyboard/mouse, Gyration keyboard/mouse, Crystal Vision keyboard with touchpad, and IKEY combo keyboard/touchpad.
    • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
    • Available with optional female USB Type A connectors for additional USB 2.0 (low/full speed) devices - USB touch screen monitors, CAC card readers, interactive whiteboards, or barcode scanners.
      • USB maximum data rate: 12 Mbps.
      • Supported touch screen monitors: Microtouch 3M, ELO 1529L 3000 Series, Smart Podium ID422w, Hope Industrial HIS-RL17, NEC MultiSync E222W, Industrial Electronic Devices Inc IWS-240t-G3, Zytronics CML-170, Pulse IR TSV4001/DT40 and HP Compaq.
      • Supported interactive whiteboards: SMART Board™ SB640
      • Supported card readers: Athena, Cherry, Gemalto, Generic USB, Dell smart card/keyboard combo, and SCM Microsystems.
  • Regulatory Approvals
    • CE, RoHS
    • TAA compliant
  • Compatible NTI Products
    • Combine NTI emulators and switches for complex applications.
      • VGA EDID Emulator (VGA-EDID-EMLTR)