Kramer VM-4UX 1:4 4K 12G SDI DA


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Resolution - Up to 4K (4:2:2) 30bpp
Input Reach - Up to 80m (260ft) at 12Gbps
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Kramer VM-4UX 1:4 4K 12G SDI DA

This Kramer VM-4UX 1:4 4K 12G SDI DA is a compact and high performance 1:4 4K distributor for standard broadcast−grade SDI signals of up to 12G transmitted data rate. It auto−adapts to the data rate of one SDI input signal, equalizes and re−clocks the signal to improve transmitted signal reach, and distributes the signal to four identical SDI outputs.

Kramer VM-4UX 1:4 4K 12G SDI DA Features:

  • Reliable Wire Connectivity – Coaxial broadcast–grade cables are reliably connected via lockable BNC connectors, preventing unintentional wire disconnections, to gain fast and highly professional uncompressed SDI signals distribution deployments.
  • Extended–reach Input Extension – Input signal equalization and output signals reclocking to gain extended–reach signal extension. Using Kramer high–quality coaxial SDI cables, supports extension of up to 300m (984ft) for SD signals; 200m (656ft) for 1.5G HD signals; 100m (328ft) for 3G and 6G HD signals; 80m (262ft) for 12G 4K signals.
  • Transmitted Data Rate – Auto–adapting from 270Mbps to 12Gbps data rates.
  • Compliance – Complies with SMPTE 259M (SD–SDI), 292M (HD–SDI), 344M (ED–SDI), 424M (3G HD–SDI), ST–2081 (6G–SDI) and ST–2082 (12G–SDI) standards.
  • Max. Resolution – 4K@60Hz (4:2:2) 30bpp.
  • SDI Signal Transmission – SDI, HD–SDI, 3G HD–SDI, 6G and 12G SDI compliant signals, supporting pass–through of standard embedded audio channels with ancillary ID and metadata information.
  • LED Indicators – Status indicators for transmitted SDI data rate of input and output connected signals, and power indicator, for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Easy Installation – Compact DigiTOOLS™ fan–less enclosure for small footprint spaces and over–ceiling mounting, or side–by–side rack mounting.

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Kramer VM-4UX 1:4 4K 12G SDI DA Specifications:

  • INPUTS: 1 SMPTE 259M (SD–SDI), 292M (HD–SDI), 344M (ED–SDI), 424M (3G HD–SDI), ST–2081 (6G–SDI) and ST–2082 (12G–SDI) compliant serial video, 75Ω on a BNC connector
  • OUTPUTS: 4 equalized and reclocked SMPTE 259M (SD–SDI), 292M (HD–SDI), 344M (ED–SDI), 424M (3G HD–SDI), ST–2081 (6G–SDI) and ST 2082 (12G–SDI), outputs 75Ω on BNC connectors
  • CABLE EQUALIZATION REACH: 12Gbps: Up to 80m (260ft), 3Gbps and 6Gbps: Up to 100m (330ft), 1.5Gbps: Up to 200m (660ft), SD: Up to 300m (980ft), Note: The above specs apply when using Kramer cables
  • VIDEO: Up to 4K@60Hz (4:2:2) 30bpp resolution, 270Mbps to 12Gbps data rate
  • STANDARDS COMPLIANCE: SMPTE 259M (SD–SDI), 292M (HD–SDI), 344M (ED–SDI), 424M (3G HD–SDI), ST–2081 (6G–SDI), ST–2082 (12G–SDI)
  • ENCLOSURE: Tools size, Aluminum type
  • COOLING: Convection ventilation
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 0˚ to +40˚C (32˚ to 104˚F)
  • STORAGE TEMPERATURE: –40˚ to +70˚C (–40˚ to 158˚F)
  • HUMIDITY: 10% to 90%, RHL non–condensing
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Power supply, mounting bracket, 2 male BNC 75Ω terminators
  • OPTIONS: RK–3T 19" rack adapter
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION: 12.00cm x 7.15cm x 2.44cm (4.72" x 2.81" x 0.96" ) W, D, H
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.2kg (0.4lbs) approx
  • SHIPPING DIMENSION: 23.20cm x 12.00cm x 8.90cm (9.13" x 4.72" x 3.50" ) W, D, H
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 0.7kg (1.5lbs) approx