How To Buy TVs for Sports Bars

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We do not sell TVs but for Command Centers, Sports Bars, Restaurants, Schools, etc. "brighter is better" so QLED (not Dual LED) has some of the the best brightness when used in well lit areas. OLEDs are good also. If you're buying multiple TVs with different sizes, like a sports bar, try to stay in the same family of the TVs and all with the same resolution to offset mismatched TV errors.

Also, look for TVs that have apps that can complement your Dish, DirecTV or Cable Box sources and display other videos that your viewers would like to see, like YouTube past sports events, and more.

Another feature to review is 4K TVs for today's installation, as well as for the future, as they may give you a crisper font on Restaurant Menus, Spreadsheets, and more.

Reflection is another issue so I would go to Costco, Sams Club or Best Buy and look at QLED TVs as well as scrunch down to see which ones reflect the least light from the ceiling lights. Mounts should be reviewed as you can get some wall mounts that tilt down 15-degrees, or so, to minimize reflection.

Lastly, make sure you price 5-year extended warranties when you buy your TVs as to repair a TV is almost the same price as a buying a new one.