Free DirecTV Tablet Control App for WolfPack Matrix Switchers


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Free DirecTV Control App
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HDTV Supply and DirecTV have joined together to offer their Free DirecTV Tablet App for WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers that is compatible with 100s of our WolfPack Matrix Switchers.

The companionship allows control of DirecTV networked receivers using their APP when using a WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch. The app interfaces directly with the DirecTV Guide and Menus and is compatible with all WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers.

You can control multiple TVs & receivers in your Bar, Casino, Bowling Alley, Restaurant, and other facilities on one tablet screen. Now, when you launch the App, you’ll see this screen that shows you everything playing on every receiver in the bar. You can select receivers by tapping a name on the upper right and choosing the receiver to control.

To get it, just contact your DIRECTV installer and tell him that you want to use their app to change the DirecTV channels. You get it direct from them, not us.

The Free DirecTV Tablet App for WolfPack Matrices gives you control of all your DIRECTV® Receivers, & Features:

  • Quickly identify receivers with custom names
  • See what’s playing on all your TVs from one screen
  • View all current and upcoming sports schedules
  • Ability to group receivers to change multiple TVs at once
  • Channel surf using the DirecTV programming guide
  • View all current and upcoming sports schedules
  • Allows an employee at your bar or restaurant to control multiple receivers from a single device.
  • Removes the need to use remote controls to control the receivers.
  • Lets you name your receivers, so you can identify them quickly.
  • Lets you group receivers and change multiple TVs at once.

Using most tablets, you’ll find that this is a great solution for any place where you want to control multiple DirecTV receivers quickly. The cost is exceptionally low to get it in place, "if you’ve already networked your receivers". If you haven’t, it’s a straightforward process that is done very quickly, and Joel will show you how.

If you need more features, see HDTV Supplys WolfPack Sports Bar Control System for our HDMI Matrix Switchers, having options for:

  1. All on one iPad(s):
  2. Change DirecTV channels
  3. Change DISH channels
  4. Change Cable Box channels
  5. Any channel up to 160-TVs
  6. Turn ON/OFF all TVs with one button
  7. iPad shows floor plan
  8. Uses only one iPad page
  1. No expensive Touch screens
  2. DirecTV, DISH & Cable
  3. PCs, DVDs, etc
  4. Apple TV, Roku & Fire Sticks
  5. Karaoke & Video DJ's
  6. Shows what source is tuned to
  7. CAT6 to 4K @ 175'
  8. CAT6 to 1080p @ 330'
  1. 4K now, don't have to upgrade
  2. 10-Button Keypad 150' away
  3. Dual Color Screens
  4. See a TV Guide on iPad
  5. Color Touchscreens
  6. Any size or qty Video Walls
  7. HDMI Quad-View Card
  8. No Monthly Fees

If you want more information on our WolfPack Sports Bar Control System for our HDMI Matrix Switchers, just call 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) right now.