Epiphan EPI-ESP1808 Cloud Device License (Annual)


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License Duration Is One Year
Stream, Record, Monitor, Switch
Add a Live-Streaming Device to Cloud
Presets, Email Alerts, Batch Functions

This Epiphan EPI-ESP1808 Cloud Device License (Annual) Add advanced streaming, management, and 24/7 monitoring tools to your broadcast with this Cloud Device License from Epiphan. This license provides one year of advanced tools to manage as many Pearl streaming devices as required, providing collaboration, global remote management, SRT feed control, batch actions, layout switching, presets, live monitoring, and more.

  • Annual Plan
  • The annual plan includes
  • Device management dashboard
  • Channel and input monitoring
  • Control streaming and recording
  • Full remote production capability
  • Layout switching
  • Live video monitoring
  • Efficient batch actions
  • Create and manage presets
  • Email alerts

Epiphan EPI-ESP1808 Cloud Device License (Annual) Features:

  • Add a Live-Streaming Device to Cloud
  • License Duration Is One Year
  • Stream, Record, Monitor, Switch
  • Presets, Email Alerts, Batch Functions
  • High-Quality Remote Content: Wherever your Pearl-powered production is happening, Epiphan Cloud puts you at the controls for fully remote streaming and recording, monitoring, and switching.
  • Power up Pearl with Remote Capabilities: Epiphan Pearl systems give you the tools to create engaging live streams and recordings. Pair Pearl with Epiphan Cloud to access these powerful capabilities anytime, anywhere.
  • Set Up Events from Anywhere: Simplify device setup with in-the-cloud configuration and time-saving batch actions, including predefined streaming destinations. Then you're just a click away from flawless live streaming and recording.
  • Remote Contribution with SRT: In addition to streaming standards like RTMP(S), all Pearl systems support the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for low-latency streaming over any given network. Using Epiphan Cloud as your production hub, you can bring together remote contributor feeds over SRT for high video and audio quality.
  • Oversee Distant Productions: From anywhere in the world, Epiphan Cloud gives you a window into the state of your devices and ongoing productions. Monitor connected video and audio feeds. Access key device statistics including operational status, available storage, and overall health. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection—no VPNs or network tunnels are required.
  • Collaborate in the Cloud: Live productions are team efforts, which is why Epiphan Cloud makes it easy to work with collaborators around the world. Any team member with an Epiphan Cloud profile can control or monitor shared devices from the platform's centralized dashboard.
  • 24/7 Monitoring for all Your Devices: With Epiphan Cloud, you're first to know of any issues during production. Easily set up custom alerts to identify and quickly resolve problems. The platform logs every error—even ones it addresses automatically—so you can review and take steps to prevent future occurrences.
  • Multi-Device Management: Centralized configuration and monitoring make it easy to manage fleets of any size, while efficient batch actions like multi-device firmware upgrades save time.
  • Supported Hardware: Pair Pearl 2, Mini, Nano, or LiveScrypt systems to your Epiphan Cloud account to access and control them from anywhere, monitor vital device statistics, and receive real-time alerts for fast resolution of any issues.

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Epiphan EPI-ESP1808 Cloud Device License (Annual) Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Epiphan Pearl 2 Video Streaming Encoder / Pearl Mini Video Streaming Encoder / Pearl Nano Video Streaming Encoder / LiveScrypt Video Streaming Encoder
  • Subscription Duration: 1 Year

Why not buy this Epiphan EPI-ESP1808 Cloud Device License (Annual) today?