Epiphan EPI-ESP1666 SupportPlan for Pearl Nano



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Adds 2 Years To Standard 1-Year Support
Advanced Product Replacement
Free Firmware Upgrades
Three-Year Phone Support

This Epiphan EPI-ESP1666 SupportPlan for Pearl Nano (Download) can be purchased anytime within the first year of ownership of the Pearl Nano. The 3-Year SupportPlan adds two years of phone support and warranty to the standard one-year support plan of the product, bringing the total to up to three years (depending on how much time you have left on your first year plan).

The three-year plan also adds advanced product replacement for the duration of the plan, including to what's left of your standard first year. If there's an issue with your Pearl Nano, and all phone technical support options have been exhausted, you can send in the product to Epiphan for repairs, and a "comparable product" will be shipped out to you to use while repairs are being made. When your Pearl Nano is repaired and sent back to you, the replacement product will need to be shipped back to Epiphan.

The 3-Year SupportPlan also allows you to continue receiving free firmware upgrades for the life of the product, as is offered with the standard 1-year plan.

Epiphan EPI-ESP1666 SupportPlan for Pearl Nano (Download) Features:

  • Adds 2 Years to Standard 1-Year Support
  • Can Be Added Anytime within First Year
  • Three-Year Phone Support
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty
  • Advanced Product Replacement
  • Free Firmware Upgrades

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