4K HDMI audio to either Digital or Analog Audio

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Extract the Audio either digital or analog from your HDMI device
This HDMI to HDMI audio extractor takes the audio from your HDMI source device & plug it into a receiver, audio mixing board or another device with audio inputs. This device will take HDMI audio and extract it to SPDIF or right & left analog audio. Many use it to split audio to a head set and receiver and it works great that way.

HDMI to HDMI audio extractor Features:

  • One HDMI input converted to one HDMI + SPDIF + R/L stereo audio output
  • Output audio support: SPDIF+R/L analog Audio Output,SPDIF(Optical output only support Stereo Audio)
  • When using SPDIF Optical Audio do not connect the L/R stereo.
  • HDMI Input Resolution: up to 4K
  • LED indication: when source or sink is working, LED relative to is light.
  • No loss of quality
  • Installs in minutes
  • Package includes a DC5V/1A power supply
  • Dimensions: 3.25" wide x 2.5" deep x .75" tall

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Q: What frequency is the optical output?
The optical output is 48K and if the source is 96K, there is no output from optical. L/R stereo outputs work at all source settings.

Q: When I plugged the AC into the wall the red light didn't come on, why?
All input and output cables must be plugged in also.

Q: I fixed my display which had a blue tint.
It was the color space setting. It was set to Auto. Both Auto and RGB shows blue tent. The next 3 selections show perfectly with the last setting having richest colors.