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The Control4 Drivers are available for WolfPack Modular and Fixed Matrix Systems. HDTV Supply is pleased to announce that we have recently added Control4 RS232 and IP Drivers to support our WolfPack family of Modular Matrix Systems that uses the RS232 or LAN port as the control method.

The Control4 drivers will work with any Control4 hardware that supports OS version 2.51 and higher and is backwards compatible for about 3 to 4 years as most systems are now running OS 3.0. Setting up a Control4 system is usually not a DIY job and requires that you may have to go through anauthorized Control4 dealer so contact Control4 for one in your area.

The Two Way Drivers have two versions.

(1) The first is via the matrices RS232 port.

(2) The second supports integration via the matrices LAN (TCP/IP) port which means you only have to have the matrix on the same IP network as the Control4 system! No serial cable needed, although that is supported if you desire.

The 2-way versions are located at Control4's for $99.00. In addition to the obvious input and output switching, we have also implemented device specific commands so you can save and recall presets and scenes.

Most of HDTV Supplys modular matrix systems are controllable directly through a Control4 SR-250 handheld remote or their Touchpad. The equipment we used to write and test the one-way drivers were the Control4 EA-1 Controller and the Control4 SR-250 remote control.

Talk to your Control4 installer about their iOS/Android control app that essentially mimics the layout of the onscreen interface and higher-priced touch-pad controllers. If your Control4 control box is connected to your home network then you can launch the app, sign into your Control4 account and get all the system and automation control right there on your phone or tablet, from anywhere in the house for a fee.