12 ga Speaker Cable Spool - 50 foot

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50 foot Videophile Grade 12 Gauge 2-conductor Bulk Speaker Cable Spool
This is the only bulk 12 ga speaker cable we can recommend. Why?

We have tested it from 1 Hz to 50 KHz and it has a flat frequency response due to immeasurable resistance, capacitance and inductance. The means it has no impact to your audio signal whether you have $10K amps, $10K speakers or $500 of each. It is like touching your speaker connectors to the back of your amp!

It is a big diameter 12-gauge clear speaker wire starting at a 50 foot length and going up.

This 12 gauge speaker wire is great for connecting high-end speakers to amps and receivers. It is also perfect for the long distances of rear surround speakers due to the 12 gauge diameter.

The is the best buy of videophile speaker cables on the planet, bar none.