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Here are products to make your InFocus, or other, projectors work with your computer and other high defintion products

M1 TO VGA CONVERTERWe sell different adapters that will allow you to use either a VGA (analog) cable or a DVI (digital) cable or a HDMI (digital) cable with your projector. If you have a VGA output on your source, you will need a VGA cable and one of the first two adapters.

If you have a DVI output on your source, you'll need one of the second two adapters. A VGA cable will only allow you to connect via analog means and will not have as good of quality as a DVI/digital connection.

M1 to VGA Converter
M1 to VGA Converter
Price: $79.95
Today's price: $59.95
(You Save: 25%)
M1 to VGA / USB Cable
M1 to VGA / USB Cable
Price: $59.95
Today's price: $49.95
(You Save: 17%)

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