Analog Camera to HDMI Converter


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Using DCDI processing technology
Adopting Scaler video processing technology
The system defaults to BNC signal input
RCA audio and video input & HDMI output
Analog Camera to HDMI Converter

Analog Camera to HDMI Converter can convert 480I (NTSC) / 576I (PAL) format audio and video signals to 720P or 1080P HD HDMI signal, but also can input high-definition format HDMI signal. Can be easily connected to DVD, set-top box, high-definition players, game machine (for PS2, PS3, PSP, WII, XBOX360, etc.), bringing you an immersive viewing experience.

The converter works great to convert CCTV BNC signals to HDMI. It is light weight and simple to operate. Just plug and play.

Analog Camera to HDMI Converter Features:

  • Using a new generation of low-power digital chip processing, 24 small uninterrupted work, little heat, stability, work
  • The use of 3D compensation technology, effectively eliminate the fast moving picture jitter and smearing phenomenon
  • Using DCDI processing technology:
    • Can eliminate the ordinary high-definition converter in the video sawtooth twill.
    • Use the "bad edit detection" capability to detect the original stream of movies in various video streams and to reconstruct a more accurate video signal, thus creating an image without dynamic material in a completely vertical resolution.
    • Use its TrueLife Enhancement technology to identify the details of the image conversion, such as skin lines, spots or hair. The details of the processing makes the picture look clearer and more vivid.
    • Using Motion Adaptive processing technology. Reduce the noise at the same time do not produce stains, the real reduction of the original image of the face.
    • The use of dynamic detector technology to selectively select the static screen for short filtering, and the use of image storage technology is required to store the stored color. After using this technique, the scene in the color of the staggered changes: such as tiled roof, cross-pattern clothes, leaves scenes, etc., no longer appear from the excess variegated.
  • Adopting Scaler video processing technology:
    • The BNC signal is multiplied to the HD 1080P / 720P @ 50 / 60Hz output
    • Can convert standard definition video format (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i), through the Scaler UP technology, into the high-definition 1080P @ 50 / 60Hz and then output
  • Adopting I2S technology, superimpose incoming L / R analog audio signal on the HDMI for the elimination of analog audio cable transmission interference
  • The system defaults to BNC signal input. RCA audio and video input, HDMI output.

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Analog Camera to HDMI Converter Specification:

  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • HDMI output connector: connect high-definition TV, high-definition projector, etc.
  • HDMI output format: 720P @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080P @ 50 / 60Hz
  • BNC input connector: camera.
  • BNC Input format: PAL / NTSC_M / NTSC4.43 / SECAM / PLA-M / PAL-N
  • Video input system: NTSC / PAL (auto detect, adaptive).
  • Compatible with HDCP; HDMI1.3.

Why not buy this Analog Camera to HDMI Converter today?