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HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE & 15-Level EDID

HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE & 15-Level EDID
HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE & 15-Level EDID

HDBaseT Extender for 1080p to 220 Feet & 4K to 100 Feet

Includes POH (Power-Over-HDbaseT or POE) & Bi-directional IR

15 Level EDID Leaning Modes for problem installs

RS232 Port

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Part Number:HDTVET0101VL7VL8
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HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE

is a 220 foot HDBaseT SEND and RECEIVE unit that transmits 1080p @ 60HZ at 48bit deep color via single a CAT5e up to 220 ft and 4K @ 30Hz to 100 feet. Bi-directional IR and RS232 can also be transmitted over the same CAT5e cable. With support of POH (Power Over HDBaseT) only one power supply (supplied) is needed at either the transmitter (supplied) or receiver (supplied).

HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POH Features:

  • 4K compliant
  • HDMI v1.4
  • HDCP compliant
  • Support 1080p@60Hz
  • Support 1080p@60Hz or VESA: 1920x1200@60Hz up to 220 feet
  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio pass through the HDMI output
  • Bi-Directional IR and RS232 pass through
  • Power over HDBaseT supported and only one power supply needed (and supplied) at either the transmitter or receiver
  • Both units have ESD protection against surges.
The unique feature of this HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POH is to solve EDID problems with its 15-level EDID settings which may be necessary whenever you encounter a display on the HDMI output that cannot play audio and video properly over a long distance. Because the HDMI source devices and displays may have various level of capability in playing audio and video, the general principle is that the source device will output the lowest standards in audio format and video resolutions to be commonly acceptable among all HDMI displays. In this case, a 1080p stereo HDMI signal output would be probably the safest choice. Nevertheless, the user can force the extender to set the EDID of the lowest capable HDMI display among others to make sure the display is capable to play the HDMI signals normally.

HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POH Specs:

  • Bandwidth:2.97Gbps per color
  • Video Input Connectors TX: 1 x HDMI Type A, 19-pin, female,
  • Video Input Connectors RX: 1x RJ-45
  • Video Output Connectors TX:1x RJ-45
  • Video Output Connectors RX:1 x HDMI Type A, 19-pin, female
  • RS-232 serial port TX and RX: DB-9, female
  • IR Input ports: 2x 3.5mm stereo jack,TX and RX
  • IR Output ports: 2x 3.5mm stereo jack,TX and RX
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 111mm x 109mm x 27mm, without feet
  • Shipping Weight: 300g each
  • Operating Temperature: 32F to 104F (0C to 40C)
  • Storage Temperature : -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C)
  • Power Supply: 12V/2A DC

HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POH Contents:

  • 1 - HDTVET0101VL7 Transmitter
  • 1 - HDTVET0101VL8 Receiver
  • 1 - 12V/2A DC power supply
  • 1 - IR Transmitter and 1 - IR Receiver.
  • 4 - Mounting brackets.

What Sets This HDBaseT Extender Apart From Our Competition:

15 Level EDID Leaning Modes to solve older TVs, PCs and AV Receivers EDID problems:
    1. HDMI 1080p@60Hz, Audio 2CH PCM
    2. HDMI 1080p@60Hz, Audio 5.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY
    3. HDMI 1080p@60Hz, Audio 7.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY/HD
    4. HDMI 1080i@60Hz, Audio 2CH PCM
    5. HDMI 1080i@60Hz, Audio 5.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY
    6. HDMI 1080i@60Hz, Audio 7.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY/HD
    7. HDMI 1080p@60Hz/3D, Audio 2CH PCM
    8. HDMI 1080p@60Hz/3D, Audio 5.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY
    9. HDMI 1080p@60Hz/3D, Audio 7.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY/HD
    10. HDMI 4K2K, Audio 2CH PCM
    11. HDMI 4K2K, Audio 5.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY
    12. HDMI 4K2K, Audio 7.1CH PCM/DTS/DOLBY/HD
    13. DVI 1280x1024@60Hz, Audio None
    14. DVI 1920x1080@60Hz, Audio None
    15. DVI 1920x1200@60Hz, Audio None

SlimLine 3/4" HDMI Extender to 330'  w/POE, HDBaseT, RS232, 4K & IR
SlimLine 3/4" HDMI Extender to 330' w/POE, HDBaseT, RS232, 4K & IR

Price: $599.95Today's price: $324.95
(You Save: 46%)
Key Digital KD-CATHD250POH POE  HDBaseT/HDMI Extender
Key Digital KD-CATHD250POH POE HDBaseT/HDMI Extender

Price: $520.00Today's price: $400.00
(You Save: 23%)

HDTV Supply has this HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POH & EDID in stock in our California warehouse so place your order at the above ADD TO CART button by 11AM PST and it can ship today or call us at 800-841-9238 to place your order.

Q: I need to send my PC 100 feet and don't know what to buy, can you help me?
Sure, see our HDMI over CAT5e/6 comparison spreadsheet for a complete set of specs of the more popular ones people buy.

Q: Does it work with a 4k HDMI input?
Yes, we have tested it with an upscaling 4K DVD player and a new Vizio 4k TV and it upscaled the picture to 2160p. It works with the Xbox one and cable boxes also.

Q: Does the remote IR work with a HDMI matrix switch or HDMI splitter?
These HDMI extenders will send both HDMI video and audio from a matrix or splitter, etc but the remote IR is designed to be used with only one source, like a cable box, to one widescreen. There would be too many IR cables to attach on the sources IR window. See our HDMI switchers and splitters that have it integrated.

Q: How does the remote IR work?
The package includes 2-Infra-Red cables (See the above MORE PICTURES Tab). That window must so positioned to see the remote control in the far away room. The HDBaseT transmitter and receiver have a 3.5mm jack to plug the IR cables into and then the other end of the cable is placed in front of the IR window of the device you want to control. You can secure it there with a piece of tape.

Q: Does it include both a transmitter and a receiver?
Yes and 2 - AC adapters for them.

Q: This HDBaseT Balun supports CEC, what is CEC?
This product features CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) allowing your HDTV's remote to manage up to ten devices that are connected via HDMI (such as Blu-ray Disc players or home theater receivers) with no special programming needed. For example, you can use your remote to turn on your TV, your player, and your receiver at the same time, and adjust the system volume with one button. All devices must support CEC, though. Most major TV manufacturers now support CEC, and an HDTV with HDMI 1.3 will likely have the technology. Manufacturers call it by different names; LG Electronics, for instance, calls its implementation SimpleLink, whereas Toshiba calls its version CE-Link. Interoperability isn't mandatory, so some manufacturers limit control to their own products; Sony, for one, allows only Sony-to-Sony communication.

Q: How is HDBaseT technology different than others?
Unlike other HD distribution technologies, HDBaseT is the only technology which enables CAT5/6/7 connectivity from 70 meters to 100 meters, depending upon the specific product, for uncompressed full HD multimedia content and up to 100 watts of charging power via a single cable. HDBaseT is optimized for video applications and can connect all HDBaseT enabled home entertainment devices. Also, HDBaseT technology has the capacity to deliver double the resolution available today to future 2K and 4K formats. Other existing solutions also require a specific cable and/or a new proprietary connector while HDBaseT utilizes the existing Ethernet infrastructure.

HDMI HDbaseT Extender Helpful Tips & Recommendations:

  • Keep cables away from any equipment with an electromagnetic wave, e.g., mobile phone, microwave, radio equipment, fluorescent lamp, high voltage power lines, etc.
  • CAT5/6 cables should not exceed 220 feet or (70m).
  • Please adhere to the TIA/EIA568B standards when terminating network cables in the field.
  • Shielded CAT5/6 with metal RJ-45 connectors are recommended to safeguard against random video flashes caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI).

HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE & 15-Level EDID
HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE & 15-Level EDID

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HDTV Supply has created dozens of HDMI extenders over CAT5e/6 with various features for your needs.

If this HDMI over 1 - Cat5 cable doesn't meet your needs see our HDMI over CAT5e/6 comparison spreadsheet for other HDMI to CAT5e/6 extenders with different features or call us right now at 800-841-9238 to discuss your requirements.

HDBaseT Extender to 220 Feet with POE & 15-Level EDID

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