POE Wallplate HDMI Matrix Switchers Over IP (265)

POE Wallplate HDMI Matrix Switchers Over IP (265)

See 100's of Different POE Wallplate HDMI Matrix Switchers Over IP - You Design It

Scroll Down to see 100's of WolfPack™ POE Wallplate Network HDMI Matrix Switchers Featuring:

  • One gang POE White Wallplates for TX & RX
  • You don't need any IP or LAN knowledge
  • POE design when used with a POE switch
  • Uses H.264 LAN technology
  • Audio Extraction at the RX for an Amp
  • Compatible with VLC Wireless Devices
  • In & out CAT5e/6 lengths to ~400 feet
  • Supports PC Tools Control
  • See 100s of different preconfigured matrices
  • User supplied Ethernet POE switch
  • Plug-n-Play Only $100 for a TX or an RX

You don't have to have any IP or LAN knowledge, just select a few settings and you will be running in a few minutes. Configure any-size WolfPack™ POE Wallplate HDMI matrix switch using our HDMI over IP technology with only the number of ports available on your POE Ethernet LAN switch limiting the ins and outs of your design. HDTV Supply's WolfPack™ HDMI Wallplate Extender over IP use our implementation of H.264 LAN technology as the compression format so it occupies a lower bandwidth and transmits HDMI video and audio over the LAN for a better picture

HDTV Supply's WolfPack™ POE Wallplate Network HDMI Matrix Switchers are simple to install. They are HDCP compliant and support resolutions up to 1080p full HD. Multiple receivers can simultaneously connect to many transmitters to form a virtual matrix of up to 64 HDMI inputs with up to 253 HDMI receivers (widescreens). See 100s of different Network HDMI Matrix Switches below or Design Your Own in the below upper left hand corner.

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