Sports Bar & Restaurant Real Time System Demo

Sports Bar & Restaurant Real Time System Demo


TIP: The below WolfPack Restaurant & Sports Bar TV Control System DEMO is better seen on a tablet or desktop, rather than a smartphone, so please forward it to your desktop to see the demonstration.

Scroll down to see our WolfPack™ Premier Sports Bar and Restaurant Control Demo that shows you how to:

  1. Change DirecTV, DISH & Cable Box channels on iPad
  2. Send any channel to any TV
  3. Turn ON all the TVs with iPad
  4. Turn OFF all the TVs with iPad
  5. iPad shows your floor plan
  6. CAT6 Sends 1080p to 330'
  7. 10-key keypad @150' for presets
  1. Uses only one iPad page
  2. 4K now
  3. Dual Screens shows what's on TVs
  4. See Cable TV & DirecTV TV Guide
  5. Use cable boxes, DVDs, etc.
  6. Optional 7" Color Touchscreen
  7. Optional Video Walls

Our WolfPack™ Premier Sports Bar TV Package Systems can support up to 4K resolutions & can be configured to an HDMI matrix switch up to 80 - TVs and up to 80 - AV inputs. Use your own iPad to control to change DirecTV or Cable Box channels with your Tablet & see Video on what's playing, all with your iPad and our Wireless Apps....and since it is Cloud Based you can even operate it from home.

PLAY WITH THE BELOW DEMO ON CONTROLLING YOUR MATRIX SYSTEM: Select a source on the left & then select the TVs you want to change on the right. Be sure to click around & try everything. It is easy for bartenders, hostesses, waiters, waitresses, restaurant owners & non-technical people to use. Also, click along the bottom to see control options for lighting, audio, favorites, a DirecTV remote, a video wall & more. This DEMO is better seen on a desktop than a smart phone so please go to your desktop to see the demo.

Need help? Just call 833-WOLFPACK or 833-965-3722 right now.

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