RG6 to RCA Adapter

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Use this RG6 to RCA adapter with our RG6 wire for long cable runs
Gold plated to eliminate resistance for a better picture
If your new plasma is 100-feet away or so and you don't want to buy our 720p / 1080i /1080p tested cables here's another option. This gold plated RG6 to RCA adapter is the fastest way of putting an RCA connector on a coax cable.

Buy a bunch of the RG6 to RCA adapters and get some RG6 wire and make them yourself.

Our RG6 to RCA adapters allows you to run long cables. This crimp-on connector will save you time and money. This unique design will allow one connector to crimp-on our long coax cables. Our RG6 to RCA adapters are perfect for home theatre applications when using composite video and analog audio.