Handheld Remote Contol for OMX Series

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Handheld Remote Contol for OMX Series
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The REM-PSW is designed to work with all TecNec Burbank Series A/B boxes shown above. This compact, belt clipped, unit can control all or any of our Burbank Series switchers from a maximum distance of 20 feet with our PSW-CAB cable shown below. This product is very useful where the boxes shown above are embedded in a rack or console system and access to the front panel switches are not possible. It is also very useful where the switchers are being used as diagnostic or comparison switches and the need to control them from a remote location is required.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. See the above SIMILAR Tab for equivalent products or, if not there, call us at 800-841-9238 right now to discuss your needs.

Required Tally Cables For Interconnection Of A/B Switchers & Remote Listed Below.