Lumens Accessories

Lumens Accessories


Lumen produces a wide variety of Lumen Accessories, each with their own unique features and capabilities, for your Lumen product.

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. provides a range of high-quality box cameras that are typically used for professional broadcasting, video conferencing, and security purposes.

Theses Lumen Accessories are to be used with Lumen cameras which are known for their high quality and durability.

Along with these Lumen Accessories, Lumens makes a variety of cameras, including:

  • Document cameras: Document cameras are used to capture images of documents and other objects. They are often used in classrooms and offices to project images of documents onto a screen.
  • PTZ cameras: PTZ cameras are pan-tilt-zoom cameras that can be used to remotely control the camera's movement. They are often used in security applications to monitor large areas.
  • NDI cameras: NDI cameras are network-connected cameras that can be used to transmit video over a network. They are often used in live streaming and videoconferencing applications.
  • Camera controllers: Camera controllers are devices that are used to control the settings of a camera. They are often used in professional video production applications.
  • Video conference cameras: Video conference cameras are used to conduct video conferences. They are often used in businesses and educational institutions.

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