Kramer Scalers

Kramer Scalers


Kramer Scalers are high-performance products for sending digital or analog computer, video, and audio signals to multiple devices.

Kramer scalers are electronic devices that allow users to convert and adjust the resolution and format of video signals. These devices are commonly used in professional AV applications, such as conference rooms, lecture halls, and digital signage systems, where multiple input sources and display devices are used.

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Signal Conversion: One of the key features of Kramer scalers is their ability to convert signals from various input sources, such as VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and composite video, into a compatible format for the display device. This means that you can use a single scaler to connect multiple devices with different signal formats, which simplifies the setup and saves on equipment costs.

Advanced Image Processing: Another feature of Kramer scalers is their ability to process video signals and enhance their quality. This includes technologies such as deinterlacing, scaling, and noise reduction, which ensure that the output signal is of high quality and free of artifacts.

Multi-Functionality: Finally, Kramer scalers are designed to be multi-functional, providing additional features such as audio embedding, audio de-embedding, and seamless switching between input sources. This means that you can use a single device to handle multiple tasks, which simplifies the AV system's design and reduces equipment costs.

All Kramer Scalers come with a 7-Year Kramer Warranty, Free USA Shipping, 15-Day Returns, and Free Lifetime Tech support.

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