Kramer Extender Products

Kramer Extender Products

Kramer Extender Products

These Kramer Extender Products  are for sending various signal types over long distances using twisted pair, fiber or coax cables.

Kramer extenders are devices used to transmit audio and video signals over long distances. Here are three features of Kramer extenders:

Long-Distance Transmission: Kramer extenders are designed to transmit audio and video signals over long distances, which makes them ideal for use in large venues or locations where the source and display devices are far apart. The range of transmission can vary depending on the type of extender and the cables used, but some extenders can transmit signals up to 300 meters.

Signal Quality: Kramer extenders use advanced signal processing technology to ensure that the audio and video signals are transmitted with high quality and minimal signal degradation. This is important because the signal quality can be affected by factors such as distance, cable quality, and electromagnetic interference.

Compatibility: Kramer extenders are designed to work with a wide range of audio and video signal formats, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort. This means that they can be used with a variety of source and display devices, such as computers, projectors, and TVs, making them a versatile solution for many different applications.

All Kramer Extenders come with a 7-Year Kramer Warranty, Free USA Shipping, 30-Day Returns, and Free Lifetime Tech support.

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