Just Add Power 1080p Transmitters

Just Add Power 1080p Transmitters

 Just Add Power

Just Add Power 1080p transmitters from HDTV Supply are devices that allow you to transmit 1080p (1920x1080) video signals over an IP network. These transmitters are designed for use in commercial and residential installations where video signals need to be distributed to multiple displays over long distances.

The Just Add Power 1080p transmitters use a unique video-over-IP technology that enables the distribution of video signals with near-zero latency and lossless compression. They are compatible with a wide range of video sources, including Blu-ray players, media servers, and cable/satellite boxes.

These transmitters are available in a variety of models to suit different installation requirements. They can be used with a range of receivers, switches, and other accessories from Just Add Power to create a comprehensive video distribution solution for your application.

Compared to Just Add Power 4K 30 Hz transmitters, Just Add Power 1080p transmitters are designed to transmit video signals at a lower resolution and frame rate. However, they are more affordable and may be suitable for applications where high-resolution video is not required or when budget is a concern.

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