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These 1080p DVI cables will not only support a fast 1080p signal but will support todays resolutions of 480i / 480p / 720p and 1080i so you can use it now on your existing equipment.
We have the largest and most diversified selection of different length DVI and HDMI cables in the world. Any length from 1 foot to 50 feet...and we are a company to test & sell a DVI cable that passes a 1080p signal.


  • This 1080p DVI cable is tested to 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i and 1080p to assure you of the best picture available today with ANY cable
  • Dual link configuration provides a faster data transmission assuring 1080p
  • HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD player compatible
  • 24 Kt gold plated connectors
  • Heavy 24 AWG center conductor assures 1080p at longer cable lengths
  • Superb build quality to look good in your home theater
  • Very accurate 100 ohm impedance to prevent detail robbing standing waves
  • HDCP copy compliant
Newer HDTV's have 1080p resolution, nearly twice what we have today...and todays DVI cables will not be able to transfer the 1080p signal needed to accommodate this demanding resolution. This 1080p DVI cable also assures you of the getting the best high definition picture available with your current 720p / 1080i HDTV.

1080p DVI Cable Features:

  • UL listed & have matched impedance
  • Video Resolutions up to 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p and data rates of 5Gbps
  • 24K Gold Plated Copper Connector Shell
  • 24K Gold Plated Contacts
  • PVC jacket, 100% Aluminum/Mylar foil shield, tinned copper braiding and 100% Tinned Steel shield. (Connectors: DVI Male to Male)
  • Complies with DVI specifications
  • Contact Resistance 10 milli-Ohm max
  • TMDS FEXT: 5% max
  • Great for HDTV, DVR, PVR, satellite, computer monitors, and video projectors, including plasma, rear projection, DFP, DLP and LCD types
  • Provides the highest quality video without ghosting or signal loss
  • Standard gold plated male DVI plug on each end
  • Great for DVD and home theater
  • PC, Mac, and HDTV compatible
  • Extremely high bandwidth
  • Gas injected dielectric
  • Impedance matched
  • Triple shielded
  • Molded ends
  • Oxygen free wire
The wire used in this 1080p DVI cable is at least 24AWG and it comes with ferrites to eliminate harmful random RF signals that will impact your DVI video. The DVI cable will not only support the fast 1080p signal but of course will support todays resolutions of 480i / 480p / 720p and 1080i so you can use it on your existing equipment.

These 1080p DVI cables are HDCP Compliant. HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection) is a standard encoded into the video signal to prevent it from being pirated. If a source device is HDCP coded and is connected to a HDMI display or projector without the proper HDCP decoding mechanism, the picture is relegated to "snow" or in some cases, very low (480P) resolutions of the images. In order to see HDTV with HDCP compliance, both the source, the display, the DVI cable and any device in between must be equipped with DVI connections that can enable HDCP decoding, such as this 1080p DVI cable.

All of our cables have gold plated connectors which resist corrosion 100 times better then non-plated connectors. Many home theater applications require the cables be installed inside walls, fireplaces or other moisture rich areas and using our gold plated connectors assures you that you will not have any future corrosion issues that may result in a bad high definition picture.

Again, this DVI cable will not only support the fast 148.5 MHz 1080p signal but of course will support todays resolutions of 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. You can be assured of the finest picture when you buy our tested 1080p DVI Cable.

NOTE 1: These DVI cables are tested to pass a 1080p signal however you might still require a booster depending upon your source device. Some source devices do not have enough voltage and current to drive a long cable. Please see our 1080p DVI boosters if you feel your DVI source device can't drive long cables.

The 3 foot to 33 foot DVI cables support resolutions up to 1080p. The 50 foot DVI cable supports resolutions up to 1080i. With an DVI Booster the 50 foot cable is good for resolutions up to 1080p.

NOTE 2: This DVI cable conforms to a dual link, not the slower single link, configuration. Most cables manufacturers stick you with a slower single link cable.

NOTE 3: A DVI cable is a video only cable and cannot support audio. You will need an audio cable to wire to your HDTV along with this DVI cable.

Your video is only as good as the cable that connects it. Why not buy this 1080p DVI cable today?

Tests performed on this 1080p DVI cable are:

  • Series Resistance _____ohms, or immeasurable _____
  • Parallel Resistance ___ohms or immeasurable ____
  • Series Capacitance _____picofarads, or immeasurable _____
  • Parallel Capacitance _____picofarads or immeasurable_____
  • Series Inductance _____microhenries, or immeasurable ____
  • Parallel Inductance _____microhenries, or immeasurable ____
  • Phase shift between wires ___degrees, or immeasurable____
  • Crosstalk between wires _____db, or immeasurable _____
  • 1080p Video frequency response-0 Hz to 148.5 MHz +-__db
  • 24 KT gold plating connector inspection ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • Total cable inspection ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • HDCP Copy Protection Compliancy ____ Pass, ____ Fail
These tests assure you of getting a perfect high definition picture.

This 1080p DVI cable can be used with:

  1. Computers with DVI digital (not analog DVI-A) outputs
  2. High definition Dish Network and DirecTV receivers with DVI outputs
  3. High definition TiVo's with with DVI outputs
  4. High definition cable receivers with with DVI outputs
  5. Upconverting DVD players with with DVI outputs
  6. A/V surround sound receiver / preamp with with DVI outputs
  7. FIOS HD Cable set top box with with DVI outputs
  8. All HDCP compliant HDTV's with DVI inputs
  9. and other similar DVI devices.