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DirecTV Remote Master Control

DirecTV Remote Master Control
Quickly switch between receivers and see what's playing with beautiful cover art. Use advanced DVR controls to skip past commercials. This DirecTV Remote Master Control can help you manage multiple DirecTV receivers in sports bars and other facilities. One may also use it with our iPad app which controls the inputs and outputs of the matrix. You now would have two apps on your screen to control inputs and outputs, and DirecTV channels. See a Video

DirecTV Remote Master Control at Apple Store

DirecTV Remote Master Control at Developer Site

Why can't I see my DirecTV box? Master Control connects to your DirecTV boxes over the local network. You can verify that your box is connected by checking the network settings for a local IP address.

What DirecTV hardware does Master Control work with? Master Control works with any network connected DirecTV receiver. This includes the H20, HR20, H21, HR21, H22, HR22, H23, HR23, H24, HR24, H25, HR25, HR34, H44, HR44, H54, C41, C41W, C51, C61 and C61K

NOTE: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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