1080p BNC Cables - 1080p Tested For A Perfect Picture

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BNC Cables - 1080p Tested
This BNC cable is used to connect projectors and HDTV's to you BNC source equipment. They have been 1080p tested before we ship.

BNC Cable Specifications:

  • HDTV Signal: 1080p minimum
  • Our BNC Video cables are handcrafted with RG58 cable with matching impedance true 75-ohm BNC connectors. Perfect for all video facility equipment interfacing and video patch cord assemblies.
  • Tightly woven, >95% Bare Copper Braid Shield.
  • Special Foam Polyethylene dielectric for extremely low loss.
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Conductor: RG-58 24 AWG Stranded Copper for flexibility.
  • Conductor DC Resistance: <25.9 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Shield DC Resistance: <4.0 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Capacitance: 21 pF/ft
  • Nominal impedance: True 75 ohms.
  • Nominal Loss: 5.0 dB/100 ft at 150 MHz
  • Standard Jacket color: Black
These are the best BNC cables because they are tested to high definition 148.5 MHz frequencies or 1080p before we ship them to you.

Your video is only as good as the BNC cable that connects it. Why not buy this BNC cable today?