AV Over IP Matrix Systems

The example shown is a $4,950 4K 8x36 HDMI Over Network Matrix and is just one of 100s we offer. Many have an iPad and Android tablet control; some have a WEB GUI control and others have only a PC control as well  as video walls. Whatever you want we got you covered. Also, there is a lot of misunderstanding to confuse you & a lot of mumbo-jumbo names too, like:

  • AV over IP
  • AVoIP
  • HDMI over IP
  • HDMI over LAN
  • HDMI Over Lan / TCP/IP
  • HDMI Over IP Network
  • ..and many more

Trust me, they're all the same as different manufacturers want to set themselves apart from the others by using cute names. Yes, they may have different options like audio breakouts, RS-232, IR and different controls like apps but HDTV Supply makes it simple for you as we have them all, over 2,000 preconfigured configurations. You can configure any-size HDMI switch, splitter or matrix switch using our WolfPack HDMI over IP / Network devices with only the number of ports available on the Ethernet switch limiting the ins & outs.

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