7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen


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The Touch Screen Size is 7"
Support APP Remote Control
Support POE Over LAN
4-Core A53 Processor
Using Android 10

This WolfPack 7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen is a advanced 7-inch Android 10 based Touch Panel/Control Screen. Work well with the thirdpartycontrol devices such as Contro4, Amx, Crestron and so on. It is designed for the wall mounted control panel, simple for installation. With the Android-based system, users can install the APK accordingly, alsosupport the POE or DC power supplies. It is a powerful ‘all-in-one’ solution for your presentationandautomation needs, widely used in conference rooms, educational facilities, hospitality, digital signageand more.

7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen Features:

  • Support APP remote control and install
  • Support working with the third party control devices
  • Support POE over LAN or 2-PIN phoenix DC 12V connector
  • 65K true color TFT LCD display, touch screen resolution 1024×600 pixels
  • The touch screen size is 7"
  • With touch screen coordinate correction function
  • Using Android 10, 4-core A53 processor
  • UK single-gang backbox Wall installation

We developed this POE touch screen, not to replace the iPad or Tablets, but for different applications like:

  • One doesn't have a WIFI router in their system for wireless device control, then use this touchscreen as it's with LAN connection and POE.
  • One doesn't have to worry about the iPads or Tablets be stolen or taken away by others, as this POE touch screen is wall-mounted.
  • iPads are usually higher priced than this POE touchscreen.
  • We can have the Touchscreen pre-loaded with the Android App and set the App auto restart after a power cycle. This can be helpful to save the extra installer for installation and configuration.
  • The touch screens are Android-based systems using version Android
  • These Touch screens work with all our products.
  • This touch screen is not recommended as it can't be used as like iPads to support a lot of apps.
Please give us a call if you would like to visit discuss more on these touchscreens.

Why not buy this 7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen today?

7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen Specifications:

  • Dimension: 176mm(L)x119mm(W)x41mm(H)
  • Display size: 7- inch
  • CPU: 4-core A53
  • System Android: 10
  • Resolution: 1024x600
  • Touch Panel: 5 points captive touch panel, IPS
  • RAM&Rom: 1G&8G
  • Network Ethernet: 10M/100M
  • RJ45: Ethernet interface input (RJ-45 cable)
  • USB: 2*USB ports(USB-A for apk, USB-C for upgrading)
  • Mount: Wall mounted
  • Color: Black

Why not buy this 7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen today?

Brochure for 7-inch POE Touch Screen

Why not buy this 7-Inch Wall-Mounted POE Touch Control Screen today?