4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch Video Wall w/VGA, CV & HDMI Inputs

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4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch
Less then 1/2 second switching time
4-VGA, 4-Composite & 4-HDMI Inputs
4 - HDMI Outputs
Fade-in and Fade-out
4 - PIP Modes
The 4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch is a high performance switcher with mixed inputs to support digital video signals and analog video signal and has 4-HDMI outputs with a seamless switching mode. This 4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch allows any of many types of inputs to be routed to any of 4-HDMI outputs; or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination.

SwiftSwitch SEAMLESS SWITCHING: Our 4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch provides instantaneous video switching which delivers full 1080p video powered by our WolfPack engine implemented at each output port. This high-performance engine processes HDMI signals by executing EDID hops and HDCP handshakes simultaneously at both the source input and the display outputs and scaling inputs for the best output resolution while setting the output clock timing and using a frame buffer to retain the input signal information for the fastest output.

It has fast SwiftSwitch switching, fade in/fade out, blends among others and the mixing matrix switcher adopts an advanced digital scaler function. At the same time its infrared matrix function and analog video signal input has an embedded audio function. Control can be through the front panel buttons, an IR remote control, RS-232 and TCP/IP control.

As a video wall processor, the matrix switcher is able to zoom in one input image four times to the outputs. And as a Multi-viewer processor, the matrix switcher can mix inputs with any combos to one image, and then transfer to all the outputs.

4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch Features:

  • Supports a fast seamless switching output with optional seamless switching modes of fast switching, fade in and fade out, blinds, etc.
  • Video Inputs:
    • 4 - HDMI,
    • 4 - VGA and
    • 4 - Composite video
  • Supported input resolutions:
    • HDMI: 480i to 1080p
    • VGA:
      • 1920 x 1080P@60Hz,
      • 1360 x 768P@60Hz,
      • 1280 x 1024P@60Hz,
      • 1024 x 768P@60Hz,
      • 1280 x 720P@60Hz,
      • 1280 x 768P@60Hz,
      • 800 x 600@60Hz,
      • 640 x 480P@60Hz
    • Composite Video: Supports PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N standard TV formats
  • HDMI Output resolution: All inputs converted to 1920x1080p @ 60Hz
  • HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.3 and DVI 1.0 Compliant
  • The RS-232 can be used for firmware updates
  • Supports RS-232, remote control, on-panel control and TCP/IP Control
  • Supports smart EDID management
  • Includes Picture Adjustment Settings
  • Automatically adjust the VGA input video
  • Supports power-off memory

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4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch Specifications:

  • Input Ports 4×HDMI, 4×VGA, 4×RCA, 1×RS-232, 1xRJ-45(Control), 5×IR INPUT, 4×Audio
  • Output Ports 4×HDMI, 4xIR OUTPUT
  • Input Resolutions Support Up to 1920×1080P@60Hz
  • Output Resolutions Support Up to 1920×1080P@60Hz Control IR , RS-232 , TCP/TP , Buttons
  • ESD Protection Human-body Model: ± 8kV (Air-gap discharge) ± 4kV (Contact discharge)
  • Power Supply 12 V/2.5 A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
  • Dimensions 440mm (W)×200mm (D)×44.5mm (H)
  • Weight 2380 g
  • Chassis Material Metal
  • Silkscreen Color Black
  • Operating Temperature 0 ˚C~40 ˚C/32˚F~104˚F
  • Storage Temperature −20 ˚C~60 ˚C/−4 ˚F~140˚F
  • Relative Humidity 20~90 % RH (non-condensing)
  • Power Consumption 13.5 W(Max)/1.2W(Standby)

4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch Package Contents:

  • HDMI 4 x4 mixed inputs seamless matrix switcher 1pcs
  • 12V/2.5A DC power adapter 1pcs
  • Operation Manual 1pcs
  • Wideband IR Tx cable 4pcs
  • Wideband IR Rx cable 5pcs
  • Mixed Matrix IR Remote 1pcs
  • Mounting ears 2pcs
  • RS232 cable 1pcs

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