1080p Network HDMI Over CAT6 Splitter up to 47 TVs

1080p Network HDMI Over CAT6 Splitter up to 47 TVs

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These HDTV Supply WolfPack Network HDMI Over CAT6 Splitters allow connecting any 1080p HDMI digital video source such as a PC, DVD player, Camera, Roku, Streaming device, AppleTV, Satellite receiver, Cable Box, and more with an HDMI output to up to 253 digital displays upwards of 300 feet away over a single CAT6 cable.

These HDMI Over CAT6 Splitters split an HDMI signal into any number mirrored (the same) outputs without signal loss upwards of 300 feet. The HDMI transmitter (TX) has a static IP address and can pair with up to 253 receivers (RX) & multiple receivers can be paired on the same dedicated network.

These 1080p Network HDMI Over CAT6 Splitters Feature:

  • 1080p Resolution Support: Distributes clear and high-quality 1080p HD video signals.
  • Extensive Distribution Capability: Capable of splitting a single HDMI source to up to 47 TVs or monitors.
  • Long-Distance Transmission over CAT6: Transmits HDMI signals over CAT6 cables up to 100 meters (328 feet) without sinificant loss of quality.
  • EDID Management: Ensures optimal resolution and format compatibility with display devices through EDID communication.
  • HDCP Compliance: Meets HDCP standards for secure transmission of copyrighted content.
  • Easy Installation and Setup: Designed for simple installation without the need for special tools or software.
  • Scalability: Allows for easy system expansion by adding more receivers as needed.
  • IR Extension Support: Includes support for infrared signal extension for remote control of the source device.
  • Network Switch Compatibility: Compatible with standard network switches for efficient distribution across a LAN.
  • Cost-Effective: Utilizes CAT6 cabling for a more economical solution compared to traditional HDMI cabling, especially over long distances.

HDTV Supply's WolfPack Network HDMI to CAT6 Distribution system can display a single source to 100s of displays using a single CAT6 cable for each display. These Network HDMI Over CAT6 Splitters also supports control of the source device (like a cable box) from the far away TV locations via its built in IR control. Just point your source remote control at the supplied IR cable located at the TVs to operate the cable box.


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