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USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link

USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link
USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link

USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link

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USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link

Now broadcast high resolution audio/video signals on your laptop, DVD players , projectors etc by using this high performance UXPRO extender link that supports UXGA high resolution over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling to give you clear and sharp audio/video quality. The extender link comes with RS232 communication support which facilitates complete user's control over a single or multiple devices such as volume control or turn/off of the display panel via a remote.

With its USB1.1 , you can access the device through a remote location by preventing your from hazardous industrial climate. Take complete screen control. It has full RS232 bi-directional communication to your remote screens that gives you the power to access information such as screen operation log from a particular location. RS232 features also increases the life of your system by providing better management to your digital signage.

The user is also provided with the facility to check how the screen is being used and how much life the screen is left with. You can also send power on/off commands to one or more than one screen in a group.

USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link Features:

  • Supports dual screens.
  • Uses easy to install, inexpensive CAT-5/5e/6/7/8.
  • Each output reaches up to 275 feet (83.2m).
  • Supports high resolution video up to 1900x1200
  • HDTV compatible (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • 300 MHz bandwidth
  • Sends high-resolution WUXGA, stereo audio signals, RS232 or IR from one source to 2 locations.
  • Compatible with VGA, XGA, Sun, MAC and SGI
  • Sync Format/Polarity Preservation.
  • Extends USB port up to 275ft from computer.
  • Uses one CAT5(UTP) cable for USB transmission.
  • Remotely accessing your USB devices are made convenient in a variety of situations.
  • 4-port USB hub with the RX(receiver) unit.
  • Compatible with Line Level Stereo Audio Signals.
  • High ground loop immunity.
  • Built-in power surge and transient protection.
  • Designated trimmer in the remote unit to compensate for cable length.
  • Compact metal case enclosure.
  • External power supply.
  • RS-232 communication support to single or multiple displays.
  • IR command to single or multiple displays.
  • USB1.1 device
  • Uses one CAT5(UTP) for each WUXGA/Audio/RS232 and IR signal transmission.
  • Supports USB Keyboard, USB Mouse + additional USB 1.1/1.0 device

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USB+UXGA+Audio+RS232 or IR Extender Link

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