Up to 18

These 4K Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers allow up to 18-TVs & support:

  • 4K Ultra HD (4X better than 1080p) for the best picture & you won't have to upgrade in 4 years
  • Anyone can operate it like bartenders, waitresses, receptionists, cooks and more
  • Use your existing iPad (See our video)
  • Use any number of iPads to control it
  • The hardware upgrade cost is usually $100 to add a new TV
  • Extends 4K to 400' in & out from LAN switch
  • Free Lifetime Telephone, CHAT, TEXT and Email Tech Support from California
  • You are up & running in 30-mintes if the CAT6 wiring is done
  • Control using your own iPad or iPhone

NOTE: These Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 has been upgraded, go to our new 4K WolfPack Sports Bar TV System replacement which includes a DirecTV Control System.

HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ 4K Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switcher Over CAT5 are preconfigured HDMI matrix switchers. Our 4K Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers also can support high-resolution HDMI sources routed to HDMI displays, monitors, projectors, or audio systems, in your sports bar, casino, gentlemen club, night club or restaurant using a separate LAN system. Our Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switch allows any input to be sent to any output, or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination, all with your iPad or Android tablet.

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