tvONE Switcher & Scaler

tvONE Switcher & Scaler

TvONE Switcher & Scaler from HDTV Supply are devices designed to switch and scale video signals from multiple sources to a single output, while also providing advanced features such as signal conversion, format conversion, and picture-in-picture capabilities. They are commonly used in professional AV applications, such as in conference rooms, classrooms, and entertainment venues, to deliver high-quality video presentations to a single display or projector.

TvONE Switcher & Scaler are available in different configurations and feature sets to meet various application requirements. Some models support high-definition video formats, such as 4K Ultra-HD and HDR, and provide advanced features like seamless switching, EDID management, and audio embedding and de-embedding.

These devices also provide scaling capabilities, allowing video signals to be resized to match the resolution of the display or projector, as well as picture-in-picture capabilities, enabling multiple video sources to be displayed simultaneously on a single screen.

Overall, TvONE Switcher & Scaler offers a versatile and reliable solution for managing multiple video sources and delivering high-quality presentations in professional AV environments.

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