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How Do I Track My Order?

After your order has been shipped, we will e-mail you a tracking number. Depending upon the type of shipping method shown in your email go to the below to find out when you will receive your shipment. You can also call us at 800-841-9238 or email us at support @ hdtvsupply dot com for the tracking info or get it faster by using the below links.'s order tracking section or's tracking section or's tracking section.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We ship via a shipping point within the U.S. If you chose shipping by UPS we will send you the tracking number for you to track. If you chose shipping by our United States Postal Service (USPS) the tracking number we send you can't be real-time tracked as the USPS doesn't offer that yet for international orders.

All international orders must go through a customs facility within your country and one can't predict their delay of processing your order so add a few days to when we send you the shipping notice. You the Buyer are also totally responsible to pay for any duties, taxes, customs and other clearance fees for orders shipped outside the USA. We do not know what they will be and they may be substantial depending upon your countries unique statutes and the total dollar value of the order.

The fees will need to be paid upon delivery of your order and your country may only take cash so please check with your customs department for the method of payment. Failure to pay it will mean the product will be sent back to the U.S. and you will need to pay for that cost along with the shipping companies penalty which is substantial.

Also any AC adapter that may come with the products(s) are rated for the US standard of 117VAC @ 60 Hz unless stated otherwise on the product page. You may need an adapter if your country is different.

The sale price of the device(s) include a full U.S. performed warranty service and if any service needs to be performed the freight cost of sending the unit to the U.S. and back to you will both need to be paid by you. Please see below section International Sales for more.

We appreciate your Business!!
Track My Order
Track My Order
Track My Order
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