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UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP

UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP
UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP

UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP

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UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP

SmartAVI闁荤喎澧借彠-Grabber is a Dynamic, Powerful PCI Card Functioning as a High- Resolution VGA/RGB Frame Grabber that Captures Images up to 1600 x 1200

V-Grabber allows the output signal from any computer to be displayed on a user's desktop or on a display screen without any type of software installation or interference whatsoever to the source. This is especially useful in situations where the source computer is testing software, needs to remain clean of additional installations, is on a secure network that needs to remain private, or is a machine that dosen't have a writeable hard disk to install software on.

A high-resolution frame grabber, V-Grabber is capable of displaying all RGB/VGA sources on a desktop or display screen at resolutions up to 1600X1200. This is perfect for digital imaging needs such as medical evaluation, corporate video conferencing or video editing. Other scenarios that the V-Grabber is ideal in include the financial market, military operations, flight simulation technologies, theme park integration, desktop publishing, emergency command post architecture and computer-aided manufacturing/engineering.

SmartAVI's V-Grabber comes equipped with user-friendly software for configuring the timing and formatting of the input sources and how your desktop monitor will display the captured data.

V-Grabber hardware works on any source machine that provides either VGA or RGB output. Display software is included with V-Grabber to run on any Windows-based PC. The source can be PC, Mac or any other type of component with a VGA/RGB output signal.

UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP Features:

  • Windows XP and Vista Support
  • Auto-Detect VESA and HDTV Modes
  • Resolutions up to 1600x1200
  • Data Transfer Speed up to 110 MBytes/s
  • DMA Transfers Data Across PCI Bus Without Using Host CPU Cycles
  • Seamless Integration with Entire SmartAVI Family of Products
  • Resolutions up to 1600X1200

UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP Applications:

  • Financial Market Analysis
  • Command Center Operations
  • Computer-Aided Design, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Theme Park/Attraction Integration
  • Video Editing
  • Corporate Video Conferencing
  • Security Monitoring
  • Programming Teams
  • Medical Imaging

UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP Specifications:

  • One RGB Or YPbPr Signal Input
  • 205 MSPS Maximum Conversion Rate
  • 500 MHz Programmable Analog Bandwidth
  • 0.5 V to 1.0 V Analog Input Range
  • 32-bit/33MHz PCI Standard; Max Rate:138Mb/S
  • 1600x1200 (60, 75, 85Hz),1280x1024 (60, 75, 85Hz),1024x768 (60, 75, 85Hz), 800x600 (60, 75,85Hz), 640x480 (60, 75, 85Hz) Real-Time Capture
  • Supports Streaming Driver for Windows Media Encoder 9 or AMCap Tools
  • Supply SDK and Demo Source Code for App
  • Capture 24-bit RGB888 Streaming Data: No Compression: No Cache: Synchronous Data Transfer and High-Definition Display
  • Once PC can use Multiple Cards
  • H/V Sync, Green Sync, or Composite Sync
  • Supply Windows (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008) DirectShow Driver

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UXGA VGA PCI Frame Grabber for Windows XP

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