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1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter - High Resolution

1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter - High Resolution
1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter - High Resolution

1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter

High Output Drive 175 mA Output Load Drive

Front Panel GAIN & LEVEL Controls plus VGA Preview Out

3 Year Warranty & Free Lifetime Tech Support

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This 1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter provides 2 VGA (RGBHV) outputs. The 1x2 VGA Distribution Amplifier is designed to work as a splitter for VGA Video applications. Capable of splitting a VGA signal from one source to two devices with compatible inputs. A built in amplifier will boost the signal to the needed level, to prevent signal loss and picture degradation.

1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter Features:

  • Supports 1 input to 2 outputs VGA Distribution Amplifier
  • Supports 2 - VGA w/Booster output and has a VGA Preview output
  • 2,4,8 and 16 output versions available
  • Large Signal Bandwidth 440MHz, G=+2
  • Small signal Bandwidth(-3dB) 1GHz, G=+1
  • Settling Time 10 ns to 0.1%, 2 V Step, G=+2
  • Low Distortion over Wide Bandwidth
  • High resolution for VGA, SVGA, XGA, UXGA,WUXGA 1920x1200
  • Goods Video Specifications Gain Flatness 0.1 dB to 75 Mhz
  • High Output Drive 175 mA Output Load Drive
  • Scan rates accepted : 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Enclosure type : Support wall mountable
  • Support Lower power consumed full load under 500mA
A maximum bandwidth of >1GHz will support a sharp and highly defined video in multiple resolutions of up to 2048 x 2048. The 1 x 2 VGA Distribution Amplifier works with all Video equipment that has proper connections such as Cable and Satellite receivers, and Computers. For high resolution VGA(640x480), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), SXGA (1280x1024), UXGA (1920x1200), WUXGA (1920x1200). An ultrahigh speed current feedback amplifier with a phenomenal 5500V/as slew rate that results in a rise time of 545ps, making it ideal as a pulse amplifier.

The high slew rate reduces the effect of slew rate limiting and results in the large signal Bandwidth 440MHz(G=+2), Small signal Bandwidth (-3dB) 1000MHz (G=+1) delivers computer resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 at distances up to 150 feet away without signal deterioration. Signal quality is maintained over a wide bandwidth with worst-case distortion of -40dBc @ 250MHz (G=+10, 1 Vp-p). Input and output connectors are HD-15 female type. Support wall mountable metal cases, 1 RU high. All units are +12VDC powered and power adaptor is included.

Why not buy this 1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter today?

1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter Specs:

  • Type of Amplifier: 1 input To 2 outputs VGA Distribution Amplifier
  • I/O signals: RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB (RGB Level Range 0.5~2.0 Vp-p)
  • Video Bandwidth: Large signal 440MHz. small signal(-3dB) 1 GHz
  • Slew Rate: 5500 V/as,4V Step, G=+2
  • Settling Time: 10 ns to 0.1%, 2 V Step, G=+2
  • Gain flatness: 1. 0.1 dB to 75MHz, Rl=150 2. 0.01% differential gain error; Rl=150 3. 0.01" differential phase error; Rl=1 50
  • Low distortion SFDR: 1. -66 dBc @ 20 Mhz, Second Harmonic 2. -75 dBc @ 20MHz, Third Harmonic
  • High Resolution: Maximum 2048 x 2048
  • Amplifier Unit: FCC, CE, RoHS(2002/95/EC)
  • Power Supplies: UL, CE, CSA, TUV, BS
  • Power distortion: 400 mA full load
  • Dimensions (W.D.H.): 6.93" (176mm) x 3.15" (80mm) x 1.0 (26mm)
  • Power Voltage Input: DC 12V @300mA, ~3A accepted

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This 1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter will work with the below with the appropriate VGA outputs:

  1. Any PC, laptop or tablet that conforms to the resolution in the specs of this VGA device and the display
  2. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with VGA outputs
  3. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with VGA outputs
  4. High definition TiVo's with VGA outputs
  5. Any high definition cable receiver with VGA outputs
  6. and other similar devices with VGA outputs.

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HDTV Supply also sells a 5 Year warranty for all Shinybow products. Please go to 5 Year Extended Warranty or see the above Options to purchase it.

1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter - High Resolution
1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter - High Resolution

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1x2 VGA (RGBHV) Splitter - High Resolution

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