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1080p RF Cables Assemblys & Splitters for HDTV's - HDTV Tested

COAX CABLES / SPLITTERS for HDTVThe RF cables used in today's HDTV systems have to support a wider frequency-response so to properly show a 1080p picture. The RF cable from your roof-top antenna, cable provider or your satellite dish must meet certain specifications or your HDTV picture will not be a sharp as it can be. Our RF Cables Assembly's are tested to 700 MHz and can't have more than 6.6 db of loss per foot at this very high frequency. If the RF cable can't pass that strident test it is discarded. We will only ship a RF cable to you that will pass the HDTV signal from your cable TV, satellite dish or roof-top antenna without any impact to your HDTV picture. We then give that test data to you when you purchase the RF cable to prove that it is the best cable you can buy.
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