4K HDMI Matrix Switchers with DirecTV Channels iPad Control

These 4K Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers control up to 80-TVs up to 330' away. With one finger you can send any DirecTV channel to any TV in any combination.

  1. Change the DirecTV channels on iPad
  2. Send any channel to any of 80-TVs
  3. Turn ON all the TVs in the AM with iPad
  4. Turn OFF all the TVs at night with iPad
  5. iPad shows your sports bar floor plan
  6. Uses only one iPad page
  7. 4K now, don't have to future upgrade
  8. Dual Color Screens shows what's on TVs
  9. Send 4K@175' & 1080p@330' via CAT6
  10. Use devices like cable boxes, DVDs, etc
  11. Optional Video Walls

EXAMPLE: Using a WolfPack 8x16 HDMI Matrix Switch, 4-DirecTV Receivers, an iPad & our DVRpod controller you can do the following with one finger:

  • DirecTV Box 1: Pick the ESPN channel on DirecTV and slide it to TV1, TV3, TV7, TV9 and TV14
  • DirecTV Box 2: Pick a DirecTV channel on the iPad to see what football games are on and slide it to TV2, TV5, TV8, TV11 and TV16
  • DirecTV Box 3: Pick a DirecTV channel on the iPad to see what baseball game is on and slide it to TV4, TV6, TV8, TV10 and TV13
  • DirecTV Box 4: Pick a DirecTV on the iPad to see what soccer game is on and slide it to TV15

Our WolfPack™ HDMI Modular Matrix systems easily integrate an Audio / Video into one easy to use package.

WolfPack System Sports Bar TV Control System Features:

  • Uses our WolfPack™ Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers
  • Control via with an iPad or Android Tablet browser
  • Switch matrix ins & out with an iPad or Android Tablet
  • Change DirecTV™ channels with an iPad or Android Tablet
  • The DVRpod automation controller is installed in your facility so is not reliant on the Internet or if the iPad is misplaced.
  • An easy to use user Tablet sized interface is included. A custom floor plan view is optional as it's specific to your facility.

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