HDMI Extender - 300ft over 1 CAT 5/6 cable (HDCATS-100)


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HDMI Extender - 300ft over 1 CAT 5/6 cable (HDCATS-100)
HDMI Extender - 300ft over 1 CAT 5/6 cable (HDCATS-100)

The HDCATS-100, HDMI Extender over CAT allows transmission of HDMI, 100baseT Ethernet data , IR and Serial data over 1 single CAT-5 / 6. The HDCATS-100 HDMI Extender consists of a HDMI Transmitter and a HDMI Receiver and allows transmission of 1080P HD over 300ft over single Ethernet cable (CAT-6 recommended). Infrared Extension allows I.R. signals to be sent from viewing area to the equipment room. The Ethernet data port allows IP based HDTV or PC to have access to ethernet connection.

CAT 6 cable is recommended for 1080P and best performance

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The HDCATs-100 HDMI over CAT5e/6 Extender carries HDMI and 100baseT Ethernet data simultaneously over 1 cable, therefore existing Ethernet cable can be used without interrupting data connections. Ethernet cables and connectors are easily field terminated thus allowing installers to easily install the proper length cable needed for ultimate flexibility and eliminates logistic problems of having custom length HDMI cables.

Active Drive and Compensation circuitry ensures error free video transmission for the ultimate HD experience .Typical connection lengths of 300 ft ( 1080P).

External Powering. The HDMI-Ethernet utilizes 2 dedicated power supplies to ensure reliability and minimizes loading on your HD sources.

HDMI Extender - 300ft over 1 CAT 5/6 cable (HDCATS-100) Features:

  • HDMI transmission using 1 CAT 5/6 Ethernet cable
  • 300ft ( 1080P) , over Ethernet CAT-6 cable
  • 4k x 2k video resolution
  • Ethernet Data port. Send Ethernet 100base T data over same cable . Use existing installed CAT 5/6 cables.
  • Perfect for IP based HDTV requiring Ethernet connection.
  • Infrared I.R ( bi directional)Extension
  • Serial Data ( RS-232) over single CAT 5/6cable
  • Local HD port to switch between displays
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, DOLBY TRU HD, DTS Master Audio
  • 3D support
  • Active Drive and Compensation for Error Free Transmission
  • Perfect for Projector or Digital Signage applications
  • Dedicated external powering for ultimate reliability.
  • I.R Receiver and Transmitter cables included

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HDMI Extender - 300ft over 1 CAT 5/6 Cable (HDCATS-100) Specifications:

  • Model: HDCATS-100
  • HDMI In: 1
  • HDMI Out: 1( local), 1( extended)
  • Ethernet Data port: 3 (receiver unit), 1 (transmitter unit)
  • Infrared port: 1
  • Infrared Frequency: 20 KHz - 60 KHz
  • Serial Port ( RS-232): 1
  • Ethernet cables required: 1
  • CAT 6 cable is recommended for 1080P and best performance
  • EIA/TIA-568-B termination (T568B) recommended.Punch-down connection block/panel will degrade performance and not recommended.
  • Use a single link of CAT-6 cable wherever possible. Using a Keystone connector will reduce link distance
  • Cable Lengths: 300 feet with CAT-6 cable (1080p)
  • Resolution support: 4k x 2k
  • Dimension: 6.52 x 4.10 x 1.06 inch (165.5 x 104.1 x 27.0 mm)
  • DC adapter(included): 2, 5VDC adapters included