Ocean Matrix Audio/Video Humzinger

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Ocean Matrix Audio/Video Humzinger
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After several years of R&D in the area of noise and hum rejection, Ocean Matrix introduces the OMX-ISO100 video and audio hum eliminator. This product is the very finest in hum rejection technology. Using three platforms to eliminate annoying 60 cycle ingress hum, the OMX-ISO100 far outperforms the typical transformer coupled products which only work on some hum and consequently deliver a poor image. The OMX-ISO100 uses state of the art dual power supplies, optical coupling and differential circuitry to deliver a clean image. We offer the only hum eliminator in the industry with balanced stereo audio inputs. All output signals are buffered cable driver equipped for long cable runs. The OMX-RK2 is an optional rackmount unit for holding up to two OMX-ISO100 units

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