Network HDMI Matrix Switchers

Network HDMI Matrix Switchers

See 1080p Preconfigured Network HDMI Matrix Switchers Below:

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  • Any in, to any out, in any combination
  • 7x16 Network HDMI Matrix Shown ($2,000)
  • Has Rack Mount 24-Port Ethernet Switch
  • Browser WEB GUI & WIFI control
  • Remote IR of sources from the TV rooms
  • In & out CAT6 lengths to ~300 feet
  • 30-minute installation after your cabling
  • Many used in Sports Bars & Clubs
  • 138 different sizes seen in below sections

Our WolfPack™ Network HDMI Matrix Switchers fit well in small Sports bars, Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, Casinos, Country Clubs, Men's Clubs, Gyms, Medical offices, Dental offices, Nail & Beauty salons, Sports Arenas, Sports training facilities, and more. You don't have to have any IP or LAN knowledge, just select a few settings and you will be running in a few minutes.These WolfPack™ Network Matrix Switchers allow any input to be routed to any output; or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination. They are controlled by a WEB GUI CAT5 hardwired from a Windows PC.

These Network HDMI Matrix Switchers come with a 24-port rack mount Ethernet switch with one port used for the CATx hardwired PC control leaving a 23-ports to grow your system. You cannot use more the 23-in and out ports total. Example: an 8x16 is not supported but an 7x16 is (shown).

Don't see the size that you need? Call us right now at 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) and we will give you a custom quote immediately.

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