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Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out

Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out

Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out
Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out

Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out


Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out

High-performance modular audio/video routing switchers with available capability of a full 64 x 64 matrix. Matrix configurations are assembled by inserting audio and video cards onto a back plane in the 6U rack frame. Stereo/mono or balanced/unbalanced audio follows video or audio may be routed independently. The crosspoint matrix is controlled via a front panel controller. Remote controller, and/or computer. Any configuration up to 64 x 64 can be assembled using insertion cards. Each card provides the desired number of inputs (up to 64) and eight outputs.

Determine the number of inputs needed, then select the quantity of eight-output cards needed for the total number of outputs desired. Additional eight-output cards may be added in the field. Pricing for other configurations not listed is available by request. The Knox Video Chameleon 64 Modular Audio/Video routing switcher is expendable up to full 64 x 64 matrix in a single 8U rack frame. These baseband matrix routing switchers route NTSC or PAL video and mono or stereo, balanced or unbalanced audio. Audio can follow video or be routed independently. Matrix configurations are assembled by inserting cards onto the back plane in the rack frame. Input and output arrays are assembled in multiples of eight.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. See the below links of similar HDTV Supply products.

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HDMI Matrix Switchers

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Some common matrix arrays are 24 x 24 and 32 x 32. The Chameleon 64 crosspoint matrix is controlled by a compact RS-232 protocol via computer, an optional front panel controller, an optional remote control keypad or all three. Each card has a unique address and CPU. Software drivers are included with all Chameleon 64 switchers. Technical Specifications Video Video Levels: 1V p-p composite NTSC, PAL, SECAM Video Response: Less than 1% gain distortion; Less than 1 degree of phase distortion @ 10MHz Input Impedance: 751/2 Output Impedance: 751/2 Crosstalk: Less than -70dB @ 8MHz Connectors: BNC Audio Audio Levels 1Vp-p Unbalanced; Up to +4dBm Balanced Frequency Response: 20Hz to 30 KHz Input Impedance: 100K Unbalanced; 6001/2 Balanced Output Impedance: 1K Unbalanced; 6001/2 Balanced Crosstalk: Less than -85dB @ 1KHz Connectors: RCA Unbalanced or bare-wire Spring Lever Terminals (Balanced) Power Input: 115 VAC (105-125, 50/60Hz) Power Supply: 50 Watt Switcher, Supplying +/-8V @ 2 A Max. Dimensions: 8U Rack Mount Chassis with Hinged Front Panel 14" High x 19" Wide x 10" Deep

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Knox Balanced Audio 24 In x 8 Out

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