Kiloview Video Decoders

Kiloview Video Decoders

Kiloview Video Decoders from HDTV Supply are devices that receive compressed video signals transmitted over IP networks and decode them into HDMI or SDI video outputs. These devices can receive video signals from Kiloview encoders or other compatible video devices using various protocols such as NDI, NDI HX, SRT, and RTMP.

Kiloview Video Decoders offer high-quality video decoding capabilities with minimal latency, making them ideal for applications such as live streaming, video conferencing, remote production, and broadcast. They also provide advanced features such as video scaling, frame rate conversion, and audio embedding.

Kiloview Video Decoders can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as receiving and decoding live video signals from remote locations, integrating video signals into video switchers, and monitoring video feeds on displays. They offer a flexible and reliable solution for IP-based video transmission and decoding.

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