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This HDMI Splitter family enables HDMI splitting to go to multiple widescreens throughout your home. Here is ALL we offer and each one is different.

ALL HDMI SPLITTERS WE SELLThe below HDMI Splitter family will allow cable & satellite receivers, DVD players, & other HDMI devices to be connected to two or more widescreens. You have choices of 2D, 3D, all versions of HDMI up to HDMI 1.4, & either the use of HDMI or CAT5 cabling. Just pick the number of inputs & outputs you need from the below. Both HDMI audio & HDMI video will be transmitted. If you need more inputs $ outputs, see our HDMI matrix switchers. CONFUSED? Just call us at 800-841-9238 & we will show you the one that solves your problem.

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