HDMI Matrix Switches w/Apps, WEB GUI & IR Remote

HDMI Matrix Switches w/Apps, WEB GUI & IR Remote

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HDTV Supply's below WolfPackSilver Rack Mount HDMI Matrix Switchers with a WEB GUI control are devices that allow you to connect multiple HDMI input sources, such as DirecTV receivers, DVD players, gaming consoles, or cable boxes, to multiple output devices, such as TVs or projectors, and then switch between them as needed. Our Rack Mount HDMI Matrix Switchers come in different sizes and configurations, ranging from 4x4 to 16x32, all with optionally Apps and HDMI to CAT6 Extenders.

Scroll down to see a few reasons why we think our HDMI Matrix Switchers may meet your needs:

  1. WolfPackSilver Brand
  2. 4x4, 8x8, 8x16, 8x24, 16x16 & 16x32 Sizes
  3. Optional Android & iOS App Control 
  4. RS232 and PC Software Control
  5. Front Panel Control
  6. WEB GUI (any Browser) Control
  7. Separate CAT6 Baluns to 100+ feet
  8. 19" Rack Mountable
  9. Free DirecTV App Control
  1. Save & Recall Presets
  2. LCD Display
  3. EDID Management
  4. $K 30 Hz & 1080p Resolution
  5. Optional Sports Bar Program
  6. Free One Way Control4 Drivers
  7. Free Atmosphere.TV Media Player
  8. One Year USA Warranty
  9. Optional 3-Year USA Warranty

Unlike a regular HDMI switcher, that only allows you to connect multiple input sources to a single output device, our HDMI Matrix Switchers have a WEB GUI enable you to route any input source to any output device, or even multiple output devices simultaneously. Some have Apps, also. This makes it a great solution for home theaters, sports bars, bowling alleys, casinos, conference rooms, and other settings where you need to share multiple sources with multiple displays.

If the above doesn't meet your needs, call 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) right now and we will show you one that does.

Why not buy an HDMI Matrix Switcher with a WEB GUI control today?

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