HD-SDI Surge Protector


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This HD-SDI Surge Protector protects equipment from high voltage surges such as lightning strikes. This HD-SDI Surge Protector provides lightning protection without impairing the HD-SDI signal up to 1.485 GHz.

HD-SDI Surge Protector Features:

  • BNC male to BNC female.
  • Provide protection for HD CCTV, broadcasting devices.
  • SDI Date rate: 250M ~ 1.5G
  • Resisting Surge:8KV (Max)
  • Discharging Current:10KA (Max)
  • Reaction Speed:<1nS。
This HD-SDI Surge Protector provides lightning surge protection for high speed SDI lines which are often needed in outdoor and high-exposure environments. UL grounding requirements for coaxial cables offer protection from hazardous voltages that may occur on the shielding. Because of the physical length of ground wires, UL grounding systems may appear as an open circuit to lightning caused, high frequency surges and provide no protection from these surges getting into a home and destroying CATV converters, TV sets, VCR, Camera etc.

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