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When buying a Matrix Switcher from us, HDTV Supply gives you a FREE VIDEO & Digital Signage Player.  The ads you create are free, the 66-Video Channels are FREE, the hardware is free, and even shipping is free. Open the box, plug, and play, and see your selection on a TV. It’s all free, if used for 40-hours per month. Any registered business that is open to the public qualifies for our free Player when you buy or own our WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch.

Along with the below streaming TV service of 66-fun channels, like CHIVE-TV, on your TVs and a WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch you can create your own Commercials, Ads & Videos for your customers, like:.

  • Show special events coming
  • Show Ads
  • Show your Menu
  • Show special beers
  • Show special wines
  • Show daily menu
  • Show dessert menu
  • Show pictures of your entrees
  • Show Prix-fixe Menus
  • Show a recommended wine with the entree
  • List Happy Hour specials
  • Co-op ads with your liquor distributor
  • Show home delivery methods
  • Show curb surface pick up methods
  • Show how you cater
  • Show your COVID precautions

...or any other "Ad or Video that you design and upload".

Ad or Video

This has the capability for you to create ads and special Word, etc documents to show in the facility and that's why I sent it.

Go to this link to sign up:

HDTV Supply and have done an exclusive deal to augment their streaming TV service of 66-fun channels of TV, including Chive TV, Tik Tok, and dozens of others with programming that inspires, excites, informs, motivates, and amuses your staff, visitors, and customers. It's all compatible with your WolfPack matrix switch.

Go to this link to sign up:

Customers are more likely to return to your business compared to businesses without Atmosphere and a WolfPack Matrix Switch. Unlike cable, Atmosphere's exciting, audio-optional programming is designed to keep your clientele off their phones and engaged with your business.

It gives your facility great content & the dashboard is easy to use. Scheduling of promos & ads is a breeze. Customers are glued to CHIVE TV even when you have live sporting events on other TVs.

Current channels


Here are some of the current channels you can show at you facility:

Go to this link to sign up:

You don't have to do anything as once we receive your order, you just sign up in these links for the free service, with free hardware, and a lot of customer fun.

Customer fun.

The Digital Signage Player system and our matrix systems fit well in Conference rooms, airports, Sports bars, Restaurants, Bowling alleys, lunch rooms, waiting rooms, Casinos, Country clubs, Men's Clubs, Gyms, Medical offices, Golf stores and clubs, Dental offices, Nail & Beauty salons, Sports Arenas, Sports training facilities, and more, where you want to give information.

Go to this link to sign up: and fun to your visitors, staff, or customers.

Again, it is free with free shipping.

When you get your HDTV Supply WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switch simply plug in the Digital Signage box into one of your free HDMI ports and control accordingly. Running a single installation of the Digital Signage app to multiple TVs is completely permissible and will not cause you to be charged for an extra account.

NOTE: This system requires an HDMI input on the matrix.