DVI to HDMI Converter

DVI to HDMI Converter

These bidirectional DVI to HDMI cables and DVI to HDMI adapters can be used for connecting devices with a DVI connector to a unit with HDMI connector or vise versa.

Scroll down to see our DVI to HDMI cables and converters that are bidirectional so they can be used for connecting a unit with a DVI connector to HDMI equipped HDTV's, or a device with an HDMI output to an DVI equipped HDTV. These bidirectional DVI to HDMI cables and adapters or DVI to HDMI converters are tested before they ship so you get a great high definition picture. The cables and adapters are also HDCP Copy Protection Compliant so it will pass an encrypted high definition 720p / 1080i signal. The DVI to HDMI cable will not only support the fast 37 MHz 1080i signal but of course will support other resolutions of 480i, 480p and 720p and some to 1080p.

You will not lose any quality by converting from HDMI to DVI because the DVI specification is set to support a higher bandwidth for computer and high definition (HD) resolutions. Since DVI is a video only signal (no audio) a separate audio cable must be used. See our superb audio cables that are tested to 30 KHz and above before they ship.

Your video is only as good as the cable that connects it. Why not buy a DVI to HDMI cable or DVI to HDMI converter today?

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