Dolby & AC3 & DTS Audio Decoder

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Convert Dolby & AC3 & DTS Audio
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Our Dolby & AC3 & DTS Audio Decoder allows you flexibility in converting and decoding various audio codes.

Digital Audio Decoder Rear Panel Inputs:

  • OPT1: Optical 1 Input
  • OPT2: Optical 2 Input
  • COX1/2: Coaxial Cable Input
  • AUX R/L: Analog 2.1 Sound Track Input

Digital Audio Decoder Rear Panel Outputs:

  • CEN: Center Output
  • SW: Mega Bass Output (Sub-woofer)
  • SL: Surround Left Output
  • SR: Surround Right Output
  • FL: Front Left Output
  • FR: Front Right Output

Digital Audio Decoder Features:

  • Uses 24-bit audio DSP, 96KHz digital receivers, and 192KHz/24bit ADC and DAC
  • Supports Dolby Digital AC-3 Dolby Pro Logic, DTS, PCM and other digital audio source format decoding
  • Has a variety of sound fields and the replay results due to two listening modes
  • 5.1 analog audio output
  • Work automatically with different amplifiers and speakers to get different sound effects
  • Connects to many entertainment devices with its optical and coaxial digital signal and analog output signals
  • High-grade aluminum alloy sheets, elegant black
  • Bass volume control
  • A remote control is included
  • Six-channel output volume control the size, respectively, left and right channel volume balance adjustment
  • Easy switches the stereo and 5.1CH Outputs
  • Automated audio channel tests
  • LED screen display and LED indicator brightness adjustment
  • DTS / Dolby AC-3 and PCM Automatic Identification
  • With different audio DSP sound field
  • Analog stereo input and analog 5.1CH output
  • Adjust the volume using the encoder, feel better, meanwhile switch input channels feature
  • Multiple input interface: OPTI1, OPTI2, COX1, COX2, R / L AUX
  • Standard RCA input and output interfaces, optical interfaces,
  • Applicable to a variety of entertainment devices, such as X360, PS3/PS2, HD players, DVD / Blu-ray DVD / STB / DM500/DM800, computer sound cards and CD player.

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Dolby & AC3 & DTS Audio Decoder Interface Specifications:

  • LED Display Screen
  • IR: Infrared Remote Receive Light
  • AC3: Distinguish AC-3 Signal,Light will on.
  • DTS: Distinguish DTS Signal,Light will on.
  • PCM: Distinguish PCM Signal,Light will on.
  • STEREO:Turn On STEREO,Light will on.
  • Prologic: 5.1CH Output,Light will on.
  • MENU: Volume Control and Keyboard Input Switch.

Dolby & AC3 & DTS Audio Decoder Technical Data:

  • Signal to Noise: 120DB
  • Degree of Separation:85DB
  • Frequency Response:(20Hz ~ 20KHz) +/- 0.5DB
  • Max Output Volt:2.2V
  • Power Supply DC/12V 1A,(Outlay 110V~240V broadband convert DC12V Power)
  • Dimension:200x125x45 mm