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Digital Video Essentials High Definition SD & HD DVD

Digital Video Essentials High Definition SD & HD DVD
Digital Video Essentials High Definition SD & HD DVD

HD-DVD & DVD Combo! Both Standard and HD-DVD versions come on one disc

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Digital Video Essentials HD DVD & SD DVD - All On One DVD

Originally created in High Definition, Digital Video Essentials is now coming to you in High Definition on HD DVD in both 1080p and 720p. As audiences turn to High Definition home theaters it becomes increasingly important to have the tools and the demonstration materials needed to optimize the quality and capability of the display.


Your order will include, via a separate email, a list of dedicated DVD calibration web sites to help you calibration your plasma, LCD, projector or HDTV - an HDTV Supply exclusive.

It will also include a downloadable 147 page users manual. Just tell us on the order message box you want it and we'll email it to you.

Joe Kane, whose name became synonymous with home theater calibration upon the creation of the original Video Essentials 10 years ago, has now created the preeminent audio/video calibration tool: "Digital Video Essentials HD DVD." One side of the disc features both 1080p and 720p Test and Demonstration materials, and also introduces 6.1 channel Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Digital True HD. The second side is presented in Standard Definition, in NTSC or PAL format.

NOTE: This HD-DVD combo disk is for DVD players that accept the now discontinued HD-DVD format and standard NTSC format DVD players.

The video is a first on this disc, with both 1080P/24 and an industry-first, a user-menu switchable 720P/24 track. Digital Video Essentials HD DVD" combines both 720p and 1080p VC-1 encoded materials (the first time 720p has been used in HD DVD), and includes a 720p/60 demonstration. The VC-1 codec was chosen because it delivers the best looking pictures available in HD DVD. Critical test materials particular to 720p or 1080p were created in that domain and have not been converted. The program also includes extensive use of text files to drive the menu system, as well as test patterns such as Reverse Gray Ramps with Steps, Shallow Ramps and Colored Ramps which have been properly generated in HD.

DVE contains all of the patterns from previous versions, and includes great new patterns on proper de-interlacing of 1080i to 1080p, as well as 1080p geometry patterns which are crucial. It also includes full color raster, ramps, windows, pink noise, Joe Kanes dramatically perfect PLUGE pattern, and more.

In addition, side two of the disc features a standard (SD) definition version of Digital Video Essentials DVD, including an audio/video tutorial for both formats.

Digital Video Essentials HD DVD Features:

  • HD DVD / Standard DVD Combo Disc
  • Widescreen 1.78:1 format and in Color
  • Both SD and HD versions of DVE in one package
  • The calibration tool for HD home theaters
  • Additional Calibration Test Patterns
  • Includes one year free membership to online support community
  • Future-ready for downloadable advanced content
  • Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD Calibration content
  • Color filters for checking decoding
  • Wide Screen 16x9 and 1.78:1 / 1.33:1 in SD and HD
  • Audio-Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound
  • Screen Resolutions: 1080p / VC-1, 720p / VC-1 and 480p/VC-1

Digital Video Essentials HD DVD Audio Features:

  • ENGLISH: Dolby Digital TrueHD
  • ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Plus
  • ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
  • ENGLISH: DD-EX Surround

The Digital Video Essentials HD DVD is in stock available for immediate delivery, why not buy it now?

Digital Video Essentials High Definition SD & HD DVD

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Digital Video Essentials High Definition SD & HD DVD

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