Datavideo HS-1600T-2C150TCM 4Ch HD/SD HDBaseT Video Streaming Studio

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Supports up to FHD 1080p
30x Optical Zoom, HDBaseT Technology
Supports 4K HDMI Input & Loop-Out
Portable, Slim Design
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Datavideo HS-1600T-2C150TCM 4-Channel HD/SD HDBaseT Portable Video Streaming Studio with 2x Cameras/Case/Dispaly

This Datavideo HS-1600T-2C150TCM 4-Channel HD/SD HDBaseT Portable Video Streaming Studio with 2x Cameras/Case/Dispaly combines following items: HS-1600T MK II (4CH HD/SD HDBaseT Video Streaming Studio), 2x PTC-150TL (HDBaseT HD/SD-SDI PTZ camera), HC-800FS (Water/dust resistant high impact case), TLM-700K (7inch 4K LCD Monitor)



Datavideo’s HS-1600T MKII Hand-carry Mobile Switcher, the cutting-edge technology that supports Full HD 1080P, is designed for broadcast of live events and TV programs with a need for mixing a wide variety of video and audio sources. The HS-1600T MKII is a highly valuable solution for religion, education and AV markets.

With its built-in HDBaseT technology, HS-1600T MKII is able to accept the Full HD 1080p video format from three PTC-150T HDBaseT PTZ Cameras through three individual CAT-6 cables. Each cable runs up to 100 meters. While shooting in the field, the PoE feature serves to power the three PTC-150T devices. The PoE feature can also be used in the field where long-distance transmission is required.

The HS-1600T MKII also features an audio mixer with balance XLR inputs and unbalance RCA audio inputs; more features include PIP, WIPE Generator and Tally.

The HS-1600T MKII has a Joystick that allows the user to Pan, Tilt and Zoom the PTC-150T camera. In addition, the HS-1600T MKII also allows the user to adjust the PTC-150T’s Focus, IRIS and other settings.

HS-1600T MKII also features an easy-to-use video streaming and recording device for professional video producers who need to simultaneously stream a live event and record the master quality version for post-event editing.


The PTC-150TL HD/SD Video Camera is a PTZ camera that can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, floor, or a tabletop. It’s the most suitable for useing with HS-1500T Portable Video Studio.

The camera is equipped with HDBaseT Technology (HBT-11 Receiver Not Included) for remote control purpose, video image conveyance, power transmission and Ethernet connection.

The camera captures HD video at 1920 x 1080 resolution and features wide dynamic range with backlight compensation. The camera features a motorized 30x optical zoom capability and its image mirror and image rotation functions allow you to electronically adjust the image and deliver a correctly orientated image. In addition to the basic camera functions, the PTC-150TL also uses an HBT-11 receiver box (sold separately) that allows the user to control the camera at a remote location with just one Ethernet cable.

50 programmable presets including pan, tilt, and zoom positions, allow the camera to quickly move between predetermined camera positions using the remote, or an available PTZ controller.

For multi camera shoots, the built in tally light can identify active camera. The camera features a built in IR cut filter in the image path for low light shooting and then returns for daytime shooting. Also, PTC-150TL supports real time position report on a per frame basis; this is helpful in a virtual studio application.

The camera supports Sony VISCA protocol for PTZ control using RS-422 interface over the unit's RJ-45 port.


The Datavideo TLM-700K 7" Field Monitor features a Full HD 1920x1200 LCD panel in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Optimized for use with the professional DSLRs & camcorders, the TLM-700K offers a wide range of professional features including focus assist (peaking), false color filters, a variety of screen markers, underscan mode, check field mode, and Pixel-to-Pixel mode.

The Datavideo TLM-700K provides a sharp display with advanced auxiliary functions to provide accurate viewing and a user-friendly experience.

Datavideo HS-1600T-2C150TCM 4-Channel HD/SD HDBaseT Portable Video Streaming Studio with 2x Cameras/Case/Dispaly Features:

  • HS-1600T MKII
    • Full HD 1080P Video Format
    • Built-in HDBaseT technology to connect three PTC-150T HDBaseT PTZ Cameras through three CAT6 (or higher) cables with each cable running up to 100 meters.
    • PoE technology to Power the PTC-150Ts
    • Joystick Pan, Tilt and Zoom with speed control
    • Iris, Focus, and Gain Control as well as other PTC-150T camera functions
    • Simultaneous Live Streaming & Recording
    • Broadcast quality HD / SD H.264 network streaming over RTMP(S), RTSP, TS, HLS and SRT
    • Support different bitrates for recording and streaming
    • 4 Video Inputs (RJ-45 x 3 + HDMI x 1)
    • 3 Video Outputs (RJ-45 x 1 + HDMI x 2)
    • Audio inputs: XLR Analogue x 2 + RCA Analogue (L/R) x 2
    • Versatile Mix Effects: PIP, WIPE, Mix and Fades
    • Tally Output
    • One 17.3-inch monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080
  • PTC-150TL
    • 30x zoom allows cameras to be positioned near the action or far away while still obtaining good clarity and close-ups of the subject.
    • HDBaseT Technology (HBT-11 Receiver Sold Separately) means only needing a single Ethernet cable to carry video, power, control, and tally.
    • Digital noise reduction for beautiful smooth image quality, even in low lighting conditions.
    • Auto / Manual options for Iris Control and White Balance allows fine tuning for calibrating multiple cameras together.
    • Built-in Tally Lights that interface natively with Datavideo Switchers. (Red for Live / Green for up-next)
    • RMC-180 Controller compatible
  • HC-800FS
    • Supports 4K HDMI input and loop-out
    • 7 inch, 1920×1200 8-bit Full HD resolution
    • Portable, slim design
    • 170°Horizontal & Vertical viewing angle
    • Individual adjustments for Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, and LED Backlight Level
    • Peaking filter, aspect marker, audio level meter, and histogram supported.
    • DSLR Scaling for Full Screen Viewing
    • Multi-format compatibility accommodates virtually all video formats including NTSC/PAL, 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p.
    • User-definable shortcut buttons to custom auxiliary functions
    • Headphone supported; easy to monitor audio.
    • 75mm VESA and hot-shoe mounts for fixing atop a camera or camcorder

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